5 pieces of good news to brighten your day

Hear ye, hear ye! 5 pieces of good news to brighten your day

Now we’re not saying that ignorance is bliss - it’s good to stay informed - but every now and then...well, maybe a break is in order. So hopefully we can provide such a break, with some bits of uplifting news we’ve picked up from around the world that we’d love to share with you today.

1) Is Art Attack’s Neil Buchanan Banksy?

Ermm…no. No he isn’t, but a few Twitter users with their fingers on the pulse pointed out that Bansky art had just happened to appear in cities where Buchanan had also been in his role as a touring musician. That was enough to get the ball rolling and the theory trending across social media.

So even if it’s just idle chatter, why mention this at all? Because we love that, of all the things that have happened this year, the official Neil Buchanan website was forced to release the following statement when the rumour reached a fever pitch:

“We have been inundated with enquiries over the weekend regarding the current social media story. Unfortunately this website does not have the infrastructure to answer all these enquiries individually, however we can confirm that there is no truth in the rumour whatsoever.”

Although if you ask us, that sounds suspiciously like something street artist Banksy would say, don’t you think?

2) The RNLI rescued a dog (that had gotten half a mile out to sea!)

Dogs love chasing things, it’s a fact. Squirrels, rabbits, pigeons, there’s not a small animal or bird in the country that hasn’t had to contend with an over-excited canine at one time or another.

Still, you can imagine the surprise of the resident seagulls in the Welsh seaside town of Rhyl, when a particularly enthusiastic dog kept on pursuing the birds and ended up half a mile out to sea! Luckily for this soggy doggy, the Royal National Lifeboat Institution were on hand to fish them out of the drink and return them to their owner. Maybe this is one pooch that’ll think twice before chasing seagulls again...then again have you ever met a dog? So maybe not.

3) When you’re smiling...

When you’re smiling...

“Put on a happy face” they say. “Give us a smile” you always hear. It’s good for you apparently. Well we say give it a rest, unless you’ve got some hard science to back your claims up. What’s that? Groundbreaking research from the University of South Australia you say? It’s been confirmed that simply smiling can trick your mind into being more positive.

Yup, it’s time to get grinning it seems, as lead researcher and human and artificial cognition expert Dr Fernando Marmolejo-Ramos says that when it comes to having a positive outlook “a 'fake it 'til you make it' approach could have more credit than we expect.” Looks like we'll be flashing those pearly whites more often.

4)The world’s longest Wotsit

Lets not bury the lede here: they made a 10m Wotsit. This long, long snack was created at the Walkers factory in Leicester to break the record for the longest “puffed corn snack”on the planet (we guess it’s not out of the question that an alien race has superior puffed corn snack technology).

At 10.66m in length and weighing in at 250g (that’s 16a regular Wotsits Giants), the newly dubbed ‘Wotzilla’ needed six people to hold it up. It’s pretty cool we guess, but call us back when there’s a Monster Munch that’s an actual monster.

5) Dutch bus stops full of bees

Dutch bus stops full of bees

Look, whether you’re a fan of bugs and insects or not, we can all agree that fluffy little bumble bees are the cutest (and, you know, wildly important to our ecosystem).

So we were more than a little enamoured when we found out that, for over a year now, the Dutch city of Utrecht has been turning bus stops into ‘bee stops’ by covering the tops of the stops with a layer of grass and wildflowers. It’s adorable, wholesome and just the kind of fact to learn to help us get through 2020.


We hope this has been a welcome break from the usual news feed content - we'll be sure to keep an eye out for more stories like this and be back for another round of good news soon. 

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