Autumn Gift Guide

Crunchy leaves, sweater weather and pumpkin spice: Autumn is here

The season of the pumpkin spice latte and the fluffy sweater, Autumn’s pallet of red, orange and yellow is enough to make us all wistful. It’s not quite summer, not quite winter, but the best of both. We’re big fans, if you couldn’t tell.

So it will come as no surprise that we want to share in the cosiness with our Autumn Gift Guide.

1) Outfoxed! Board Game


With the fox’s orange coat, the autumnal trees that litter the board and it’s overall whimsical woodland-themed imagery, Outfoxed! gets top billing on this list.

A cooperative game of clue finding and deduction, Outfoxed! is a cooperative whodunit for ages five and over, making it ideal for families with small kids who love interactive game play (and might even be future detectives in the making). Move around the board gathering clues and see if you can crack the case of Mrs. Plumpet’s missing prized pot pie.

2) PlayStation Controller Mug

Playstation Controller Mug

Showing our hand a little early here, the PlayStation Controller Mug perfectly represents how we plan on spending our Autumn months: sitting inside with a nice hot drink while playing video games.

If like us, you think that sounds fantastic, then maybe this official PlayStation mug is just for you. The cool grey colour is unmistakably based on the original ‘94/’95 PlayStation, while the handle is modelled after the first and original controller design (nerds, please note the lack of analogue joysticks).

3) Wacaco Nanovessel Flask

Wacaco Nanovessel for Nanopresso

Sticking with the line that Autumn is all about a bevy of nice warm beverages, the Wacaco Nanovessel Flask is the opposite of the PlayStation mug - this one’s of the woodsmen, wayfarers and campers amongst you.

This 3-in-1 vacuum insulated flask can be used as a tea infuser, drinks tumbler and even as an extended water tank for the Wacaco Nanopresso (not included). Even if you’re not already on Team Nanopresso, this high quality insulated hot drinks flask will keep you supplied with warming tea, coffee or hot chocolate on rambles through crunchy autumn leaves.

4) Paperlamps Night Owl

Paperlamps Night Owl

As the nights draw in, you’re more likely to hear the hoot of an owl, and as we know, owls are the ultimate experts when it comes to staying up past your bedtime.

If you too favour a more nocturnal style of living, then maybe the Paperlamps Night Owl will become something of a personal totem. This DIY origami lamp isn’t just a fun craft project - the soft, warm glow from the finished piece is the perfect accompaniment for anyone who loves to stay up into the wee hours reading, watching TV or gaming.

5) Cactus LED Light

Cactus LED Light

We wanted to say something here like “this plant will survive the autumn and winter months with ease,” but we’ve been informed that cacti and succulents are in fact tough as nails, and there’s loads of types that handle the colder months no problem.

So instead, maybe this cheerful Cactus LED Light will help you channel the same energy as these tough little plants, and let you stay hardy as things inevitably get a bit chillier.

6) Light Up Neon Bar Sign

Neon Bar Sign

The last light on this list, the Light Up Neon Bar Sign isn’t in itself particularly Autumnal, but as we say goodbye to sun-drench beer garden days, there’s never been a better time to make your own little bar area at home.

Plus, everyone knows that a home bar isn’t really a home bar until you’ve got your own neon sign...

7) Warmies Heatable Soft Toy - Fox

Warmies Fox

A huggable and soft alternative to traditional hot water bottles, this cute forest friend is here to keep you warm as the days get progressively more blustery. Plus, like we said way back up at #1, the fox’s bright orange fur can’t help but make us think of the crunch of fallen leaves.

Just pop your new fuzzy friend in the microwave and they’ll stay warm for up to 2 hours, while the scent of French lavender soothes you into a state of total relaxation.

8) Personalised The Wizard of Oz Novel

Personalised The Wizard of Oz Novel

For some of us, the changing of the seasons brings on a powerful wanderlust, but it’s not always practical to drop everything and go on a trip (especially at the moment, thanks 2020). So while we can’t physically transport you to faraway land, we think we’ve got the next best thing.

The Personalised The Wizard of Oz Novel puts you right into the story, replacing Dorothy’s name with your own (or that of a loved one). So while we're sure we can all agree that there’s “no place like home,” there’s also something to be said for curling up in front of the fire with a good book.

9) SUCK UK My Family Cookbook

My Family Cookbook

Stews, soups and broths: the name of the game as we head into Autumn is warm and hearty dishes. So if you want to create your own codex of cosiness, then the SUCK UK My Family Cookbook is just the journal for you.

With enough space to cover a huge range of family favourite recipes, write and record your delicious meals in the book this year, so next year you’ll have all that information at your fingertips, just ready to go. Don’t have a “famous chilli” you’re known for yet? You will soon.

10) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Craft Beers

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 CRAFT BEERS

After that last one, we’re looking forward to a good meal, but the question is what drink to pair with it? Now the Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Craft Beers won’t make you an instant expert, but with a hundred different beers to try, some of them are bound to perfectly compliment that day’s meal.

A stopped clock is correct twice a day, right?

Please drink responsibly.


We hope that we've manage to share a little bit of our love of Autumn with you. Think we've got it all wrong, and Autumn's not all it's cracked up to be? Head over to our social media pages and let us know why.

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