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Playing your cards right: 10 card games ideal for the long weekend

Originally, we thought it might be nice to recommend some cards games that you could take to your local beer garden. Imagine it now, a long weekend sipping pints in the sunshine while playing a few rounds of something fun. However, we’ve looked at the weather forecast, and maybe we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves.

So instead, imagine it now, a long weekend in with the family, taking shelter from the belting rain, while you crack open a couple of new games. It’s not quite the same, but there’s still a certain cosy charm to be had (even if it is supposed to be the height of Spring).  

1) Disney Sketchy Tales

Disney Sketchy Tales

You don’t have to be a Disney animator to play Disney Sketchy Tales. If anything, as it’s a game of “most grins wins,” whipping up a bootleg looking Mickey Mouse might work in your favour.

Disney Sketchy Tales is a drawing game where players have to pair one of 60 different Disney characters with over 150 ridiculous action cards and draw the resulting scene. Then, like a game of Telephone, all players must now guess and re-sketch your masterpiece.

2) Complete The Headline

Complete The Headline

Keeping up with the news lately? It’s all a bit...stressful. So let’s take a break, and create our own headlines. Okay, some of these might end up being a bit macabre, but it’s not like it’s real, right? What’s that? All headline cards are based on real world news stories?

Don’t worry, it’s not all hard hitting journalism. Each of the headlines is missing a word, which is where you come in. Use the answer cards to Complete The Headline, hopefully to side splitting effect!

3) Catchphrase Card Game

Catchphrase Card Game

The famous say what you see family game show, now in a handy dandy pocket sized format.

An appreciation for well known sayings and idioms, along with a sprinkling of pop culture knowledge, will do you well when you go head to head with friends and family to see who’ll be crowned the Catchphrase champion.

4) Colourbrain


Quizzes don’t typically give you the answers first, but the makers of Colourbrain were clearly feeling generous. Each players starts the game with 11 colour cards in their hand. One or more of these can be used to answer the quiz questions you’ll face, for example: what colour is Charlie Brown's shirt? Or the lid on a jar of marmite?

There’s even video call ready rules for this one, so you can play remotely too. 

5) What Do You Meme? Family Edition

What Do You Meme? Family Edition

Not every game on this list is suitable for all ages, but What Do You Meme? Family Edition is here to make sure that no one misses out.

If you find yourself craving those good, wholesome memes, then you’re sure to rule the roost every time you play a round of What Do You Meme? Family Edition. Just match your caption cards to famous memeable images to create your own hilarious content, and then cross those fingers, because it’s up to a new judge each round to decide on which memes will reign supreme!

6) The Chase Challenge Card Game

The Chase Challenge Card Game

Just because you don’t have a TV show set that’s absolutely plastered in colour changing lights, it doesn’t mean you can't enjoy the thrill of The Chase.

Based on the hit TV quiz show, the amazing fast-paced The Chase Card Game includes over 100 questions you’ll need to answer in a race to win the most cash. Please note: actual cash not included.

7) Murder On The Dancefloor

Murder On The Dancefloor

Certain world events mean that most of us haven’t been clubbing in a long while. Is it normally this dangerous?

A groovy twist on the classic murder mystery game, draw cards to reveal possible motives, murder weapons and culprits, until the case is cracked! Was it the Yoga Instructor? Or maybe the Pro Poker Player? In Murder on the Dance Floor, everyone’s a suspect!

8) The Almighty 8 Ball Drinking Game

The Almighty 8 Ball Drinking Game

A blast from the past, now with added drinking.

The Almighty 8 Ball Drinking Game is the party game that puts players at the mercy of chance. Shake the 8 ball to be assigned a rule. It’s now your job to stick to that rule, or face the forfeit!

9) University Challenge Card Game

University Challenge Card Game

"You know all the rules, so let's get on with it!"

We’ve got plenty of different quiz games on offer, but if you really want to show off those trivia chops, then there’s no better way to do so than by winning a round of the official University Challenge Card Game. There’s nearly 60 years of trivia pedigree in this deck of cards, so get to it. No pressure.

10) Bar Games - 4 Games In A Can

Bar Games - 4 Games In A Can

Giving it a bit before heading back to your local beer garden? You can bring the “beer” part of “beer garden” to your own home easily enough, but making it feel more pub-like isn’t as straightforward. Maybe some props will help?

We’re not talking picnic benches and beer taps here. Bar Games - 4 Games In A Can includes everything you need to play traditional pub games to your heart’s content: a deck of cards, a dominoes set, five bar dice and even some darts (you can’t have a pub without darts). All presented in a beer can gift tin.  


Any of these games pique your interest? Do you fancy yourself a trivia savant or a card game connoisseur? If you decide to play one of these over the long weekend and end up absolutely sweeping the (metaphorical) board, head over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and regale us with tales of your victory.

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