Events & Festivals Gift Guide

From fancy fetes to frantic festivals: our Events & Festivals gift guide

Come on everybody, cross those fingers and send us all your good vibes: maybe some form of Festival Season can still happen this year! Hopefully. If it’s safe. Thinking positive thoughts here etc, etc. If not, then we guess we'll pack up our tent, grab some cold drinks and a wireless speaker, find a nice sunny spot and have our very own micro festival instead.

It has occurred to us that loads of you might be thinking the exact same thing, so we've put together an special Events & Festivals Collection, with up to 40% OFF! Here's a few of our top picks...

1) Steepletone Connex Bluetooth Speakers

Steepletone Cube Connex Speaker

We’re launching straight into “do it yourself” festival mode with the impressive Steepletone Connex Bluetooth Speakers. We’re not being negative, just prepared. Prepared so that, at a moment's notice, we can be set up and ready to enjoy our very own summer shindig.

Just like a supergroup made up of a pick-n-mix of musicians from different bands, these wireless speakers are better together thanks to their ability to interconnect. Plus, they sport water resistant casings, remote control functionality and an amazing multicoloured sound-to-light effect. Available in a small or large size, standing approx. 20cm and 30cm tall respectively.

2) Personalised 800ml Transparent Water Bottle

Personalised 800ml Transparent Water Bottle

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. In fact we’ll never stop saying it: it’s important to stay hydrated!

Reminiscent of the water bottles given to certain famous faces on a certain loved-up island, the Personalised 800ml Transparent Water Bottle can be personalised with a name up to 15 characters in length, in either green or pink text.

3) Watermelon Beach Towel

Watermelon Beach Towel

Regardless of whether you’re at genteel village fete or a weekend long music festival, not every outdoor event is going to take place on a nice pristine field, complete with meticulously cut grass. Instead, more often than not, when it’s time to take a load off, you'll find yourself sitting amongst all kinds of twigs, dirt and bits of gravel. It’s not the comfiest, and we say it’s not good enough! You should look after your posterior!

The Watermelon Beach Towel is a massive 5 feet wide, so you won’t be short on space when you unfurl this giant microfiber fruit. Plus, thanks to the bright red and green design, once you’ve decided on a space for you and your friends to set up shop for a bit, you’ll always be able to find your way back after a run to the bar or food stalls.

4) Waboba Wingman

Waboba Wingman (Assorted Designs)

Sticking with beach themed vibes, something that also transfers well from the seaside to festivals is the games. We’ve seen all kinds of badminton nets, beach volleyball games and swing ball kits set up at festivals, but they’ve all got two things in common: 1) they’re a pain to pack and take with you and 2) they inevitably get trashed over the course of the weekend. What you need is something smaller, lighter and more likely to survive the festival experience.

The Waboba Wingman is a soft, flexible silicone frisbee that you can take anywhere (it can even be folded in half and still retain its shape) for dynamic outdoor games at a moments notice. The vibrant and colourful designs also make the Waboba Wingman easy to spot and retrieve, after someone inevitably gives it just a bit too much welly.

5) Frosty Ice Tankard

Frosty Ice Tankard

Yes we know, we won't stop banging on about staying hydrated, but this is different, honest. With the Frosty Ice Tankard, the name of the game is refreshment.

If you’re lucky enough to have a cool box, or even an actual freezer (we’re looking at you caravan and campervan owners) as part of your camping kit, then the Frosty Ice Tankard is here to make sure you’re never plagued by warm drinks again. In between the layers of this double walled tankard you’ll find a clear non-toxic liquid that freezes absolutely solid - just the thing for keeping your favourite beer, cider or soft drink nice and chilled.

6) Stashlight

Stash Light

You know the drill - it’s dark, maybe you’re a little tipsy (no judgement here), and you’ve got to find your tent. It’s three fields away, in a row of hundreds of other tents that look almost identical, and that’s just the start of it. Once you’re in the vicinity of your little sleep pod, you’ve then got to navigate the assault course of carelessly strewn about camping chairs, pop-up gazebos and those ever present trip hazards, the practically invisible tent guy-rope. You’ll need to shed some light on the situation, or someone's going to end up on their backside.

The Stash Light redefines the typical travel torch with its stylish brass/gold finish and an ultra-bright LED light (despite its compact design). It’s not just festival goers that’ll love this gadget though - there’s a feature just for the rugged wild campers amongst you too. Unscrew the Stash Light to reveal its hidden compartment and pop in a few emergency matches. Then, should the situation arise, strike a match against the light’s textured casing and presto! Emergency light and heat when you need it most (although, we hope you never do, obviously).

7) Wacaco Minipresso NS

Wacaco Minipresso Nespresso Pod Machine

Suddenly, just like that, it’s Sunday. Time to pack up the tent, drag everything back to the car (which is always located at the furthest possible point away from where you're pitched) and return to the real world. It’s a tall order after a weekend of festivities, and it definitely won’t be happening without the help of that magical elixir known as coffee.

Compact, sleek and solid, the Wacaco Minipresso NS is a portable espresso machine that uses Nespresso® Pods, which makes it ideal for making delicious coffee when camping. Just pop in a pod, press the plunger and treat yourself to a much needed pick me up anytime, anywhere.


If any of these gifts end up going on a camping trip with you, we'd love to see all of your artistically framed festival photos of them over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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