Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Who’s the raddest dad? 10 gifts for Dad this Father’s Day

Is your dad the raddest dad? Of course, that's a trick question, as all dads everywhere obviously qualify for this title. Whether they're firing up the BBQ, out on the golf course or organising their record collection, there's certain qualities and characteristics that go together to make your quintessential dad.

So with these intrepid dads in mind, we've put together a list of 10 gifts we think are perfect for Father's Day, because even though dads doing what dads do is the most natural thing in the world, it doesn't mean that they don't deserve a treat.

1) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Things To Do with Dad

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Things To Do with Dad

Although the activities featured on the Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Things To Do with Dad can be completed by and with anybody, we think this is a fantastic collection of pastimes that are sure to benefit from extra added “Dadness.”

So if you think you have (or are) a rad dad, then the 100 different activities, trips and games to be experienced and scratched off are perfect for you.

2) Personalised Stainless Steel BBQ Kit

Personalised Stamp Stainless Steel BBQ Kit

Whether they fancy themselves a Michelin starred chef, or if they’ve never set foot in the kitchen in their life, no dad can resist the siren’s song of a good BBQ.

It’s a universal fact. You can picture it now, can’t you? All the dads gathered round the grill, occasionally turning or rearranging the meat. It’s a special moment where dads band together. Still that doesn’t mean that one dad (your dad) can’t be the king of the grill. The Personalised Stamp Stainless Steel BBQ Kit includes 1 x meat tongs, 1 x BBQ fork and 1 x spatula, all kept together in a zipped carry case that can be emblazoned with the name of your choice. 

3) The Dapper Chap Shoe Cleaning Kit

Dapper Chap Shoe Kit

We might’ve mentioned once or twice before that specific world events mean that we’re not getting out and about as much as we used to, but it looks like soon (fingers crossed), that’ll change. So there’s never been a better time to make sure that Dad’s ready to be at his most dapper when he makes his way out into the world once more.

The Dapper Chap Buff and Shine Shoe Polishing Kit contains everything Dad needs to keep his very best shoes looking shiny and sharp, including black and neutral shoe polishes, 2 buffing cloths and 4 different types of wooden handled brushes.

4) Storm Cloud Weather Predictor

Weather Cloud

Dads love to predict the weather. They can’t get enough of it. Plus, it’s then a point of pride if they’re proven right. “I told you” they say. “What did I say?” they decree. “Just like I said” they announce. It can be a bit much, but with Father’s Day on the way, it’s time to concede and let dads everywhere revel in their mystical meteorological abilities.

So it’ll come as no surprise that the Weather Predicting Storm Cloud is quite popular with dads. This weather divining device will only help to enhance your dad’s ability to know whether it’s going to rain, shine or snow.

5) Personalised No.1 Cooling Stones & Glass Set

Personalised No.1 Cooling Stones & Glass Set

A No.1 glass and cooling stones set for a No.1 dad.

The Personalised “No.1” Cooling Stones & Glass Set includes 1 x glass tumbler, 3 x cooling stones and 1 x wooden box with a clasp. Keep the stones in the box when not in use, before popping them in the freezer for a spell to create a handy way to cool your favourite tipple without watering it down.

6) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Golf Courses

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Golf Courses


That’s “fore” not “four.” In fact, you have to visit one hundred different golf courses to complete the 100 Golf Courses Scratch Off Bucket List Poster. If that seems a little bit much, we recommend using a combination of playing there in person, watching famous competitions on TV and even experiencing the course virtually via a golfing video game, and before you know it, Dad’ll be scratching off squares in no time, creating a patchwork display of colour that’s unique to them.

7) Personalised 1st Father's Day Large Crystal Plaque

Personalised 1st Father's Day Large Crystal Plaque

Do you know a new dad? Someone who’s taking their first steps towards rad dadness?

An amazing keepsake for any new dad, the Personalised 1st Father's Day Large Crystal Plaque features an adorable bear cub and a daddy bear underneath the text “Happy 1st Father's Day.” Personalise this crystal token with your own message, up to 30 characters in length, which will appear underneath the bears. Presented in a black gift box.

8) Steepletone Record Case

Steepletone Record Case

Any avid vinyl collector needs a storage solution that’s as smart and suave as they are.

The Steepletone 12 Inch LP Record Case is perfect for long time collectors and first time record buyers alike. Made from wood with a cloth finish, this vintage inspired case holds up to 50 12” LPs. A great gift for anyone who’s dad is avid record collector, but also maybe needs a little help looking after their mountain of music. Available in two colours.

9) Steepletone Camden Record Player

Steepletone Camden Record Player

Ok, so you’ve helped Dad organise all of his old records, but actually, now you think about it, he hasn’t got a turntable. Maybe he had one and it’s old and busted? Or maybe the record collection is more of a keepsake than something that gets listened to, and the time's come for that to change!

The Steepletone Camden Record Player is a versatile and dynamic music centre, offers a wireless Bluetooth link with a phone or tablet, and is fitted with a Line In socket on the back for connection to your own HiFi system.

10) Dad: A Ladybird Personalised Book

Dad: A Ladybird Personalised Book

Written in the style of a children’s book with a sting in its tail, The Dad: A Ladybird Personalised Book is bound to have everyone in stitches.

A perfect gift for father’s day, this Ladybird ‘How it Works’ book delves into the inner workings of the stoic Father figure. Plus, for that finishing extra touch, personalise this book with the name of the dad of the hour, and add your own message that'll then appear inside.


Did these choice gifts strike you as particularly “dad-like?” Or did we miss a trick, and forget to account for an important aspect of being a rad-dad? Head over to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let us know!

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