Fierce Fictional Mother Figures

Fierce Fictional Mother Figures: Who are the most kickass moms from TV? Here's our Top 5.

In honour of Mother’s Day, we want to shine a spotlight on some of our favourite fictional mother figures. Who do you think are the most kickass mums from film and TV? We’re sure you’ve got your own list, but here's our Top 5 for your consideration.

1) Molly Weasley, Harry Potter

They say save the best till last, but instead we’re starting big with the baddest bitch to ever grace the Wizarding World, Molly Weasley.

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets she opens up her home, The Burrow, to Harry in such a way that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more kind and caring...but that said, the world’s most famous redheaded mum also presides over her household with a will of iron. There’s no doubt as to who rules the roost in the Weasley family, but it’s not like she has a choice - just imagine trying to keep Fred and George in line!

Molly Weasley
Trouble makers, the lot of them. Image source: Giphy

Perhaps the most famous example of Molly being a badass (and a fan favourite moment) is her victory over Bellatrix Lestrange at the Battle of Hogwarts. Don’t mess with this mum - she was sorted into Gryffindor House for a reason.

Harry Potter Magic GIF
Total badass. Image source: Giphy

2) Linda Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

The patron saint of “fun mums” everywhere, Linda Belcher is the heart and soul of animated comedy Bob’s Burgers.

Although she can be a bit of a busy body, she’s always got everyone’s best interests in mind and keeps the Belcher family moving forwards through thick and thin. She’s also responsible for the immortal line “Mommy doesn't get drunk, she just has fun.”

fox tv GIF by Bob's Burgers
Pictured: fun. Image source: Giphy

Did you know: Lind Belcher’s voice is provided by comedian John Roberts, who got the role after Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard saw Robrts doing impressions of his mum on YouTube. Alright!

fox tv dancing GIF by Bob's Burgers
Alright! Image source: Giphy

3) The Spellman Aunts, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

We did say “Mother Figures” as opposed to simply “Mums,” and a big reason for this is these two: The Spellman Aunts, Zelda and Hilda.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina TV series, based on the Archie comic book of the same name, is not like the 90’s sitcom that many remember. This is a Greendale full of black magic, where frightening monsters lurk round every corner, so having a family who’s got your back is pretty important.

sabrina spellman salem GIF by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Above: The answer to the question "Is Greendale weird?" Image source: Giphy

The Spellman Aunts more than meet this criteria, and support Sabrian through all of her Chilling Adventures. When you need a nice cup of tea and an empathetic ear, there’s no one better than Hilda. And when you need to crush your enemies, well, there’s Zelda. You just have to get them to stop bickering for long enough to actually help.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina netflix witch sabrina chilling adventures of sabrina GIF
Oh,you know it's true. Image Source: Giphy

4) Morticia Addams, The Addams Family

Can we have two similarly eerie entries in a row? Everyone loves Morticia Adams, so we’ll allow it. Appointed queen of all things spooky and kooky, Morticia Addams is an icon, whether she’s portrayed by the classical Carolyn Jones, the ethereal Anjelica Huston or appearing as a cartoon character alongside Scooby Doo (it’s a whole thing).

addams family GIF
Morticia Addams: always prepared. Image source: Giphy

When it comes to being a mum, Morticia is always there to dispense invaluable advice and encourage Wednesday and Pugsley's hobbies, while still exerting just the right amount of parental control.

Described by Addams Family creator Charles Addams himself as “the real head of the family,” the Addams Family wouldn’t be what it is without Morticia. Of course, if you asked Morticia herself, she’d probably say:

"I'm just like any modern woman trying to have it all. Loving husband, a family. It's just, I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade."

the addams family film GIF
An. Icon. Image source: Giphy

5) Mom Steve, Stranger Things

Steve is best mum. When the kids of Stranger Things inevitably have to face down some unknowable evil from the Upside Down, Steve Harrington is there.

Joe Keery Secret Handshake GIF by Stranger Things
He's a fun mum too. Image source: Giphy

Sure, Joyce Byers is also in the running for ‘best Mum in Hawkins,’ but Steve is thrust into the role of mum unexpectedly, and the fans could not have been more on board.

From fighting monster, to leading expeditions into underground tunnels and giving Dustin the hottest hair care tips (“use the shampoo and conditioner, and when your hair's do four puffs of the Farrah Fawcett spray”), Steve more than deserves his place on this list.

That most important parental tool, the nail studded bat. Image source: Giphy


What do you think of our Top 5? Who do you think we got right and who did we miss. Regardless of who you’d put on this list, we can all agree that our actual real mum a re the best. Here’s a happy Mother’s Day to all of them.

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