Getting Crafty

Getting Crafty: Assembling your own fun

From cute dough animals to DIY kits for budding engineers, making a model or getting crafty can be really satisfying. There's nothing quite like showing off the finished results and being able to say "yup, I did that!"

1) Make Your Own Dough Unicorn or Kittycorn

MYO Dough Unicorn

We’re starting out with the small, but undeniably adorable, Make Your Own Dough Unicorn and Kittycorn kits.

These cute creatures can be brought to life by moulding the different doughs into shape - there’s a modelling tool included and instructions to follow, or you can create your own design - then finally, add the pearlescent glitter to really bring a touch of magic to your creation. Your only choice now is whether you want your unicorn to have feline features, or if you’d prefer to stick to the classic.

2) VW Bulli T2 Model Kit & Book

VW Bulli T2 Model Kit & Book

Recognised as a symbol of freedom and wanderlust, the T2 camper van is a dream car for many, and now you can have one of your own - in miniature!

The VW Bulli Model Kit & Book brings the iconic Volkswagen T2 (known as the ‘Bulli’ in Germany) to life in bright orange, and is the perfect gift for anyone who’s VW mad. Simply follow the instructions to assemble the glueless card model, before promptly displaying the finished thing on your mantle, desk or maybe even the dashboard of your own VW campervan.

3) Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine

Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine

When it comes to science and engineering kits you can do at home, it’s hard to think of anything more fitting to build than the internal combustion engine. The Haynes Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine Kit lets any future engineers or gear heads really get to grips with the inner workings of this world changing invention.

With over 100 pieces to assemble, once finished this DIY kit also offers up a satisfying spectacle: thanks to the see-through casing, all the inner workings can be observed at work! Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).

4) Grow Your Own Sloth Crystal Pet

Grow Your Own Sloth Crystal Pet

The Grow Your Own Sloth Crystal Pet is a chilled-out critter that’s perfect for anyone who likes their crafty activities to be a little bit less hands on.

Simply assemble the cute sloth and their tree, then mix and apply the crystal solution. Over the coming days, this adorable pet’s home will grow into a glittering, crystallised marvel! This kit is especially great for anyone who has a soft spot for sloths.

5) Vex Robotics Crossbow

Vex Robotics Crossbow

Lay siege to your living room or conquer the kitchen with the Vex Robotic Crossbow kit! Sure, the parts may be modern, but the design hasn’t changed since 100BC.

Completing the model might be a reward in itself, but we’re not going to pretend that launching foam darts up to 15ft across a room doesn’t fill us with glee. Made from over 150 easy snap pieces, the Vex Robotics Crossbow kit can also be rearranged into a handheld crossbow. Both builds are entirely mechanical, so there’s no batteries required either! Recommended for Ages 14+.

6) Hydraulic Robot Arm

Hydraulic Robot Arm

The Hydraulic Robot Arm might look like a piece of hi-tech equipment from the future, but as some of you many have already guessed, it doesn’t require any electricity or batteries to work.

Powered completely by water, the Hydraulic Robot Arm is a great make-it-yourself kit for budding scientists and engineers that results in a remote controlled arm featuring a gripper claw and suction cup. Taking approx. 5 hours to assemble, this can be a week long project that will come together piece by piece, day by day. An amazing demonstration of robotic and hydraulic power systems. Recommended for ages 10+ (with adult supervision).

7) Paperlamps Emperor Penguin

Paperlamps Emperor Penguin

Make way for the Emperor! The Paperlamps Emperor Penguin is an origami challenge with a twist. Comprised of pre-cut paper sheets just waiting to be folded into the shape of an majestic Antarctic creature, the completed model becomes an LED floor lamp that stands an impressive 70cm tall!

There’s even a whole other practice model included, for testing out your paper folding skills before moving onto the real thing! Please note that glue is required (UHU® All Purpose Adhesive glue recommended) but not included. Available in 3 colours: Soft Blue, Grey and White.


Do you think you'll have a go at any of these activities or model kits? We’d love for you to share the completed results with us over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!

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