Gifts for Teachers

Pay attention at the back! Our Top 8 Gifts for Teachers

As the school year comes to a close, let's spare a thought for all the teachers who've had...well lets just say an 'interesting' couple of terms. Plus, students getting their teachers a gift as they move onto the next year is becoming more and more common, and if teachers ever did deserve it, it'd be now.

So while we may not have shown our workings in the margin, or used our very best joined up writing, we still think this list of gifts is perfect for any enthusiastic educator.

1) Luckies Eric The Memo Elephant

Eric The Memo Elephant

Sure, an elephant never forgets, but that’s probably because elephants don’t have to juggle lesson plans and homework marking with keeping a class of thirty smaller elephants under control. It makes sense then, that these perceptive pachyderms should lend some of that famous memory power to our teachers.

The Eric The Memo Elephant stands approx. 12cm tall and is made from smooth white ceramic: the perfect canvas for all your ruminations and reminders. Using the included felt tip pen and cloth, anyone can jot down notes right onto the Elephant's surface.

Now if only we could remember what we needed reminding of in the first place...

2) Llama Planter

Llama Planter

At first glance, you might think that this fuzzy green friend doesn't offer the same utility that Eric The Memo Elephant does, but we’d be inclined to disagree.

Add the included chia seeds to the Llama Planter, don’t forget to water regularly, and you’ll start the cultivation of that aforementioned fuzzy green coat. It’s a gradual and calming process - a little project to maintain bit by bit each day. Also, and we can't understate this, the llama is very, very cute.

3) Grow It Bonsai Tree

Grow It Bonsai Tree

Having a “To Do” list or a little llama buddy on your desk is great, but when it comes to chill vibes, there’s no such thing as too much.

The Grow It Bonsai Tree won't be soaring above the skyline anytime soon, but that’s not what it’s here for. Instead, this kit includes everything you need to grow your own fun-sized tree, and turn your desk into a garden of serenity and peace.

4) SUCK UK CMYK Multicoloured Ballpoint Pen


We’re not sure if it’s still the case (it must be, surely?) but casting our minds back to our school days, we think we can say with an amount of certainty that teachers love a good coloured pen. Green for those much sought after ticks on your homework, and red for that all-important feedback.

The SUCK UK CMYK Pen takes notes and scribbles to the next level with it’s four colours of ink. Click down on each of the buttons to reveal a Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Black pen. You can even layer the inks to create a whole myriad of colours (and the included colour mixing guide will show you how!).

5) Pantone Colour Mug

Pantone Colour Mug

Sticking with the theme of colour, this one is for all the art and design teachers out there.

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on colour and their standards are used in art, fashion, decorating, marketing and printing. So if you know a teacher who’s ushering their students into any of those fields, then their fancy new Pantone Colour Mug (sat in pride of place on their desk, obviously), makes for a great example of modern and minimal design. Plus, this fine china mug also makes for a great cup of coffee too. Maybe we should've led with that?

6) City Clips New York/Paris Bookmarks

Paris City Clips

We’re moving from the art department to the geography department now with the globetrotting City Clips Bookmarks.

These little landmarks and miniature monuments function as bookmarks, and come in two distinct flavours: New York or Paris. Mark pages in a text book, or choice excerpts from a novel to create an eye-catching, shining steel skyline atop your current read. Sold separately, each set includes 4 x page markers.

7) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 90's Movies

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 90's Movies

Sometimes we forget that a large proportion of today’s teachers will have been born in the 80’s and 90’s. So we need to gift appropriately. Plus, there’s always a nice big crossover when it comes to teachers and film buffs.

The 100 90's Movies Scratch Off Bucket List Poster features, as you'd guess from the name, a hundred different squares featuring 90's movies. Once one of these cinematic masterpieces has been experienced first hand, scratch off that specific square's foil layer to reveal a bright and bold tribute illustration underneath.

8) Panic Button

Panic Button

Children are the future, and each young mind is a precious thing that deserves the utmost attention when it comes to the pursuit of knowledge...however, kids can be kind of annoying, right? This is a judgment free zone, so it's safe to admit it here. Think of it this way: one child who refuses to pay attention can be troublesome. Now imagine having to wrangle thirty of them. Yeah, exactly.

Despite its stressful sounding name, the Panic Button is actually here to help our teachers keep their calm. When it’s all getting a bit too hectic, smack the Panic Button to play one of two different calming sequences. The button even lights up, for a little extra distraction.


Was there something on our list you could picture taking pride of place on a teacher's desk? Or would we get a "F" for our efforts? We really hope not, but there's still loads of gifts to choose from if none of these ticked the right box.

If any of these pressies do manage to get displayed in the classroom, be sure to snap a photo and let us know over on FacebookInstagram or Twitter!