Halloween Gift Guide

Get more “BOO!” for your buck with our Halloween Gift Guide

We want everyone to get more "BOO!" for their buck this Halloween, so with the code "SCAREMAIL" you can get free UK Next Day Delivery when you spend £15 or more!

Although the offer isn't limited to ghoulish gifts, we though we might still showcase a selection of favourites that we think capture the spirit of this spooky season.

1) Dracula/Frankenstein Novels

Personalised Frankenstein Novel

Two of Halloween’s heavy hitters like you’ve never seen them before! These Personalised Dracula & Frankenstein Novels let you get right to the heart of the story by entering your own name (or the name of a friend or family member) as the book’s main character.

Sure, “Count Derrek” doesn’t sound quite as menacing as “Dracula,” but when else will you have the opportunity to see yourself rubbing elbows with some of the most famous characters from gothic horror history?

2) Bucket of Doom

Bucket of Doom


Bucket of Doom is the surreal survival card game that puts you into a series of unusual situations with only your wits and a few choice items to help you get out alive.

Stuck down a well with only a set of bagpipes to help you escape? On a snake infested plane with a coat hanger as your only defence? If you think you could escape from these seemingly inescapable scenarios, then maybe you’ve got the guts to open the Bucket of Doom!

3) Psycho Juice Killer Million Drops

Psycho Drops Killer Million Extract

Spicy food isn’t itself inherently scary, but we’re dealing with 1 Million Scoville Capsaicin Extract here, so you bet your butts the Psycho Juice Killer Million Drops get a place on our Halloween Gift Guide.

In fact, this extract is so hot, that it is advised not to consume it directly at all, and instead use it only as a cooking additive. This is a lava flow in a 30ml bottle and should be treated as such. You’ve been warned!

4) Skull Desk Tidy

Skull Desk Tidy

It’s easy to lose your head when hunting around the house for those everyday essentials.

The Skull Desk Tidy is here to help keep all your must-haves in one place - you can even pop your shades on the front of the skull for instant cool-guy vibes. Sure, it might be a bit ghoulish for some people, but we think it’s a delightfully dark alternative to boring key-trays or storage cubbies.

5) All Seeing Eye Coasters

All Seeing Eye Coasters

Focus your inner eye and see into the future! So do you see it? That’s right, the fates reveal that you’ll soon be enjoying a nice hot cup of tea.

The All Seeing Eye Coasters feature a vintage, sideshow style design and are heat-activated to reveal your future. Simply ask a question and place a hot drink on the coaster, then let the magic do its work.

6) Dark Like My Heart Lip Balm

Dark Like My Heart Lip Balm

Even denizens of the night should practice self-care. Soaring through the sky, silhouetted against a full moon, you’re bound to get chapped lips.

The Dark Like My Heart Lip Balm nourishes, protects and moisturises lips - plus it’s the perfect beauty accessory for lovers of all things goth and gloomy.

7) Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison

Bring on the belly-laughs and blushing with a game of Pick Your Poison - All Ages Edition. A dialled up version of  “Would you rather…?” style challenges, which of the two scenarios posited do you think you'd handle better?

Vote with the majority of players to score, and ridicule each other when everyone’s choices are revealed. And if you really want to get saucy, you can combine the game with the NSFW Edition (sold separately) for even more fun.

8) SUCK UK Sugar Skull Spoon

SUCK UK Sugar Skull Spoon

With the Sugar Skull Spoon, you can add a few scoops of sugar and a generous helping of spookiness to your tea or coffee break.

As sugar drops through the holes on the spoon, a stark white skull is formed: is it enforced portion control, or a stirring reminder that too much sugar can be bad for you?

9) Deadly Trumps

Gangster Trump Cards

Everyone’s familiar with trump cards right? You compare the stats of things like fast cars or fighter jets to see who’s got the speediest, shiniest or most expensive machine in their current hand of cards.

Now image in that, but with a disgusting, deadly, diabolical twist. Available in three different themes - Diseases, Dictators or Gangsters - these aren’t your Dad’s trump cards, and offer a decidedly more macabre take on this classic card game.

10) Selfish: Space Edition

Selfish: Space Edition

Sure, ghosts and vampires are your usual spooky Halloween fare, but what could be more terrifying than the cold and unforgiving void of space?

In Selfish: Space Edition, you take on the role of one of five astronauts that have been stranded outside your ship. It’s a battle of wits as you draw cards to see who can conserve oxygen and get back to the ship first - and you best get a move on - because in the end, only one can survive!


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