Iconic couples in Film & TV

Who are Film and TV’s most Iconic Couples? Our top 4 contenders

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. Need some inspiration when it comes showing that special someone that you care? Here’s 4 iconic couples from film and TV for you to consider in your quest for Valentine’s Day perfection. 

1) Chandler & Monica, Friends

Ross and who? If there’s one thing that stands out from watching many, many hours of Friends reruns, it’s that Chandler and Monica are the best. When these two got together, the ensuing saga of them trying to keep it a secret from the rest of the gang had audiences on the edge of their seats, and treated us to maybe one of the funniest episodes ever.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
Don’t worry, we were confused too Joey. Image source: Giphy

From there, this fan favourite pairing really got to act as a centrepiece of the show for a long time, as they progressed from their surprise beginnings to a fully fledged married couple. Their quest to adopt children of their own is one of the most memorable Friends story lines to this day.

Friends exec producer Scott Silveri himself says that without Monica a Chandler “you would’ve seen a much shorter shelf life for the show...without Monica and Chandler, it ends three years earlier.” So let’s all be thankful, because without this iconic pairing, we now know that you now know there might have been less Friends in our lives.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
I know, right? Image source: Giphy

2) Andy & April, Parks and Recreation

Even people only slightly aware of the award winning sitcom Parks and Recreation know about Andy and April. Probably because this iconic couple had so many great moments over the show’s 7 season run, that they have been immortalised in the many reaction GIFs that fans have expertly curated.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
The smartest. Image source: Giphy

In this case, opposites do attract. Chris Pratt’s Andy, who is basically a big friendly golden retriever, plays fantastically off of Aubrey Plaza’s April, who delivers her best lines with the dry confidence of a black cat stalking its prey.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
Perfect for each other. Image source: Giphy

It’s not all comedy all the time though, as this pairing also treated us to some genuinely tender moments. Here’s hoping all the real world Andy’s and April’s find each other this Valentine’s day.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
We’re getting all sentimental. Image source: Giphy

3) Max & Lucas, Stranger Things

Nexfilx’s runaway success Stranger Things has no shortage of couples for the fans to root for: Nancy and Jonathan, Eleven and Mike, Dustin and Suzie, Steve and Steve’s hair. Today however, we’re looking at Season 3’s unsung heros, Max and Lucas.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
Don’t look so shocked, you know we’re right. Image source: Giphy

Filling the role of Every Teenage Couple Ever, by their own admission they’ve broken up and got back together multiple times by the time Season 3 starts. But they’re also depicted as wise beyond their years, offering sage advice to Eleven and Mike respectively. Hmm...maybe “sage” advice is a bit much. Let’s just say “advice.”

Iconic Film & TV Couples
Come on Lucas, you have to admit it’s not all hits. Image source: Giphy

Most importantly of all, the Max and Lucas pairing treats us to some of the series’s funniest moments, as these two get the opportunity to show off their comedic chops, and that’s nothing but a good thing.

4) Finn & Poe, Star Wars

What do you mean, they’re not a couple? Poe Dameron actor Oscar Isaac himself said in an interview that he played it as a romance, and the shippers seem to agree, as fans came out in their droves to support the FinnPoe paring.

Over the course of this most recent Star Wars trilogy, we’ve seen this unlikely duo face off against an increasingly hostile galaxy and come out smiling, so it’s no wonder that the fans keep on rooting for their favourite ace-pilot and ex-Stormtrooper.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
Hugs all round. Image source: Giphy

Even if you’re not on board the good ship FinnPoe, we can all agree that this is still the biggest bromance from Coruscant to Jakku, and it deserves a place on this list. We’ll Lightsaber duel anyone that disagrees.

Iconic Film & TV Couples
Serious business. Image source: Giphy


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