Last Minute Gifts

Last Minute Gifts: Our “I’m running out of time” ringers

Christmas is getting, really close. Are you still looking for a specific gift for a certain someone with the clock ticking down? It can be stressful, but we have a solution.

Leaving things to the last minute can lead to some odd choices, so we’ve decided to fully embrace the fact with a selection of unique gifts that we think are a bit more unusual than others or simply just a whole load of fun!

1) The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Garden gnomes beware! This b-move monster is loose and on a rampage!

If you know someone who loves adorning their garden with all kinds of ornaments and figurines, then maybe you can encourage them to take a break from tradition and add the Great Garden Gnome Massacre to their collection. This 9” poly resin terror is sure to get a giggle from even the most stoic of gardeners, and makes for a nice surprise when nestled amongst other garden gnomes of a more classical persuasion.

2) Upside Down Wine Glass

Upside Down Wine Glass

Glassware always makes a nice gift, so this sensible looking wine glass is sure to please...except, all is not as it seems.

The Upside Down Wine Glass is the perfect vessel for any prankster who plans to have a glass of wine with their turkey dinner this Christmas. Made from soda-lime glass, this topsy-turvy goblet will fool even the most shrewd observer, right up until it’s time to pour. 

3) All Seeing Eye Coasters

All Seeing Eye Coasters

Am I going to choose that last minute gift in time?...Seems likely.

Mystic and mysterious, the All Seeing Eye Coasters are sure to have everyone gathered round with bated breath as they have their Christmas morning cuppa, waiting to see their fortunes will come true. Perfect for divining the future while dunking your biscuits.

4) Swarovski Crystal Solar Rainbow Maker

Rainbow Maker

Baby it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the spectacle of a rainbow this Christmas.

Rainbows at Christmas might seem a bit out of season, but as long as you can get a bit of sunlight, The Swarovski Crystal Rainbow Maker’s solar powered motor will cause the hanging crystal to rotate and split natural light into its dazzling component colours.

5) Disney Sketchy Tales

Disney Sketchy Tales

3...2...1...Draw! In this case, we’d like you to draw Sulley from Monsters, Inc. breakdancing, please.

Pair one of 60 different Disney characters with over 150 ridiculous action cards and draw the resulting scene. Then, like a game of Telephone, all players must now guess and re-sketch your masterpiece. Don't worry if your art isn’t Disney Studio calibre, Sketchy Tales is a game of most grins wins!

6) Personalised Haynes Explains Christmas

Haynes Explains Christmas

Know someone who would have Christmas dinner every day if they could get away with it? Someone who would wear that little paper Christmas cracker hat all year round? Haynes Explains Christmas is the user manual for this holly jolly season, featuring original Haynes line drawings and illustration, paired with the signature dry wit these parody books are known for.

Plus, this is the personalised version to boot, so you can get the recipient’s name printed on the cover and include a message on the title page too.

7) Twerk Pong

Twerk Pong

Had a little Christmas tipple and feeling a bit restless? Twerk Pong is the party game that’s here to give you an outlet for all that festive energy, while also providing a chance to show off your smooth moves too.

Included are 2 sets of Twerk Pong “apparatus,” so you can go head-to-head with a family member in a battle of the behinds to see who can twerk all of their ping pong balls free in the fastest time!

8) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 80's Movies

100 80s Movies Scratch Off Bucket List Poster

Sure, when you think of the Christmas holidays, it conjures up images of snow covered scenes, stockings above the fireplace and unwrapping presents on Christmas morning. However, there’s one big aspect of Christmas we’re forgetting here: Christmas TV listings.

For a magical few weeks, even the most boring of TV line-ups become a treasure trove of movies, from forgotten gems to Christmas classics - and there isn’t any other type of movie that encapsulates this more than the 80s movie. So get comfy, turn on the TV and see how many squares you can uncover on the Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 80's Movies.

9) Airzooka Air Blaster


Look, we don’t take responsibility for any Christmas Day mischief that comes as a result of this, but if you’re looking for something that will cause absolute child-like glee on Christmas morning, you can’t do much better than the Airzooka Air Blaster.

Hold up your Airzooka, take aim with the sight, pull back the launcher and let loose a ball of harmless (but troublesome) air at your hapless victims!

10) Bucket of Doom

Bucket of Doom


Fully leaning into the “weird last minute choices” vibe we’ve got going, the Bucket of Doom is a surreal survival card game that puts you into a series of unusual, unlikely situations with only your wits and a few choice items to help you get out alive.

Stuck down on a snake infested plane with a coat hanger as your only defence? Been buried alive with just your trusty duck whistle? If you think you could escape from these seemingly inescapable scenarios, then maybe you’ve got the guts to open the Bucket of Doom! Remember, best (or funniest) escape plan wins.


Don’t forget, our recommended Christmas last postage dates for the UK are December 18th for Standard Delivery, and December 22nd for Next Day Delivery, so there’s not long left to get those last minute gifts.

If this list helped you escape from a gift-giving rut, then head over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and let us know.

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