Our Most Popular Gifts for Him - 2020

Men are renowned for being difficult to shop for, as if finding a great gift for him wasn’t hard enough! From the husband who treats himself to everything he wants, to dad who insists on you not buying them a gift at all! We’ve listed 10 of our most popular gifts for him in this article. 

 A pair of socks or (god forbid) a tie just won’t cut it this year, gift the man in your life something unusual. Whether you’re splashing out for someone special or token gifting, shop our range of gifts for him now and thank us later.


12 inch record frame - Gifts for Him















Gifting made simple for any music lover with a record collection. A 12" Vinyl Record Album Display Frame with his favourite record exhibited inside, a cool addition to any room and a great gift for him.



Stay Cool Ice Towel - Gifts for Him















Know a guy who loves to run, cycle and workout? Gift him up to two hours of coolness with this stay cool ice towel


 Couch Coaster - Gifts for Him

Calling all couch potatoes! Revolutionise their lounging experience with this balancing drinks holder from Couch Coaster that will fit any sofa arm. A one size fits all design with weighted technology to ensure no spills! The Couch Coaster is available in 4 stylish colours (gotta be sure to match his decor!).


Pickmaster - Plectrum Maker from the Gifts for Him Collection at Urban Gifts

For any guitarist who knows how annoying and oddly expensive it can be to keep losing and replacing guitar picks, the Pickmaster solves that problem with free guitar picks for life! Punch them out of old bank cards or similar plastics, easy-peasy. The gift for him that really does keep on giving. 


100 Day Fitness Challenge Scratch Poster - Gifts for Him from Urban Gifts 

A challenge awaits the recipient of this 100 Day Fitness Challenge Scratch Off Poster, whether he’s a fitness buff or keen to get lean, this challenge makes learning new exercises and reaching your fitness goals easier. 


KLASK Board Game - Gifts for Him

A hybrid of air hockey and table football, KLASK is a game of skill and point-scoring he’ll love to play. The magic is in the magnets: control the magnetic game pieces and obstacles to score points and win the game. Worlds away from traditional board games, you can play KLASK anywhere as long as both players can comfortably manoeuvre their game pieces from underneath the wooden set.


Gentleman's Hardware Portable Barbecue

Disguised as a small suitcase, this portable grill and barbeque will become a grillers closest companion wherever he may travel. Ideal for picnics, trips to the beach and hikes through the forest, pit stops are about to become a whole lot tastier. 


Steepletone Tabblue TWS Table Speaker - Gifts for Him

A gift on the pricier side (or maybe even a gift for yourself!), contemporary furniture meets functionality in the form of this Steepletone Tabblue Table Speaker. The circular table doubles a charging station and provides up to seven hours of cordless 360 degree sound. 


Builders Brick Mug - Gifts for Him by Urban Gifts

Look no further if you’re gifting for a DIY dad or masterful builder, our Builders Brick Mug holds an extra-large brew made in the style of a traditional red house brick, for the ultimate builder’s tea.


Psycho Juice Hot Sauce Gift Set - Gifts for Him by Urban Gifts

This one is a gift for serious hot heads (literally). Straight from Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium, this sauce is hot stuff. The gift set contains three bottles of high tier hot sauce, these sauces all come in above heat level 8 with a little pain guaranteed.

What are you waiting for?... Get gifting!