Half Term Activities and Experiments

Outside the box: Half Term activities and experiments to try at home

For many of you, it’s currently Half Term. The kids are home, and it’s not always easy to keep such tiny tornadoes of energy occupied.

While we can’t claim to have all the answers, we have chosen 7 different games or activities we think curious kids will love, each of which can be done from the comfort of your own home.

1) Adventure into the Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert Game

Just because you’re stuck inside, it doesn’t mean you can’t go on an epic adventure. Forbidden Desert is a cooperative game for 2 to 5 players, where you and your fellow explorers must work together to uncover a legendary flying machine that’s buried deep within the ruins of an ancient city.

Beware shifting sands, scorching heat and incoming storms as you navigate the dangers of the desert to make your way around the modular board. Hiking boots, sun hats and water canisters not required.

2) Uncover DIY Dino Fossils 

This video from
Get Crafty Crafty will have you digging up dinosaur fossils in your own home, with nothing more than salt, coffee grounds, flour, sand and water.

After moulding the finished mixture into “dino eggs,” small toys or prizes can be hidden inside each egg. Once the mixture has hardened, any budding palaeontologists can crack open these fossils to find the treasure inside.

3) Grow Your Own Llama Crystal Pet

Grow Your Own Llama Crystal Pet

Leaving dinosaurs behind, let's look at an animal you’re more likely to find this side of the millennium.

The Llama Crystal Pet starts out bare, and is probably more than a little chilly, but with your help soon they’ll have a resplendent crystalline coat. Simply mix the included solution and apply to the llama model, and over the coming days the crystals will grow until your new friend looks just as fluffy as the real thing.

4) Craft a Moving Paper Shark

These paper-craft origami sharks from
Easy Kids Craft can flex and move like they’re really swimming through the water! 

This crafty project does require adult supervision to cut the paper into the necessary shapes, but with just a bit of folding and sticking, soon any stuck-at-home kid who’s mad for undersea creatures will be looking at their very own shark, straight from the depths of the ocean.

5) Construct an Air Powered Car

Air Powered Car Kit

Maybe your child will go on to discover the energy source of the future and change the world as we know it!

Until then, the Air Powered Car Kit is the perfect activity for little engineers.

6) Be mesmerised by Homemade Lava Lamps

This how to from
The Royal Institution will have you making homemade lava lamps in no time at all.

There’s more to this than first meets the eye though, as these colourful activities lead neatly into experiments that explore the science of floating and sinking.

7) Build Your Own LED Memory Game

Haynes Build Your Own Memory Game Kit

We’ve looked at some science based activities for all ages, but now we’re getting a bit more technical with the Haynes Build Your Own Memory Game Kit.

Recommended for ages 14+, this activity kit includes everything you’ll need to make your own electronic game with flashing LEDs. Inquisitive minds will love the satisfying, hands-on challenge this build offers (and there’s no soldering required).


If any of these activities can keep a child occupied for even a minute, we’re classing that as a victory. If there’s nothing here that takes your fancy, we’ve got a whole range of puzzles and model kits (including some stuff for big kids too).

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