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Take Your Dog To Work Day: Gifts for good boys (and girls)

It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day! Or "the first Friday after Father’s Day" if you prefer, but that’s not as catchy.

So even if you're reading this after work, now you know for next year. Plus, you can also plan ahead too. After all, if your canine companion is going to accompany you to work, it's only fair that they get a nice treat afterwards for doing such a good job, right?

1) How To Speak Dog Cards

How To Speak Dog

Who’s a good boy? Is it you? Yes it is! Yes it is!

Ahem. Sorry, it’s easy to get carried away, but that's only because communication with your pet is so important. The How To Speak Dog Cards set contains 100 cards that will help you decipher all of your dog’s different habits and behaviours, essentially uncovering the secrets of how to “talk” dog. With these cards in hand, all you need now to get the conversation going is lots of opinions on tennis balls, the neighbourhood squirrels and the best place to bury things in the garden.

2) Personalised Paw Print Storage Bag

Personalised Paw Print Storage Bag

You don’t need to be able to “speak” dog to know that our fuzzy friends love their toys. Chew toys, soft toys, bouncy balls and bones. Finding a toy that your pet will be enthusiastic about isn’t difficult. Keeping track of the toys, and trying to tidy them away after your dog has helpfully strewn them all around the house, that’s a whole other issue.

That’s where the Personalised Paw Print Storage Bag comes in. Decorated with an adorable paw print (that can either be pink or blue, your choice), this swag bag for your pet is somewhere they can keep all of their favourite things. Don’t forget to personalise it with your pet’s name too, up to 12 characters in length.

3) Man’s Best Friend Treat Launcher

Dog Treat Launcher

Now you’ve got your toy bag, it’s time to introduce what we think will quickly become your dog’s new favourite thing. In fact, we’re confident that any pet would love this gadget. Why? Easy: it fires treats.

A great way to get dogs jumping and searching for their treats, the Man’s Best Friend Treat Launcher is as much fun for you as it is for them, so it’s sure to become a integral part of your “dog kit” (lead, treats, poop bags, etc) after it’s inaugural outing. Easy to load and fire, push the trigger to watch the treat go...followed closely by a very excited pooch!

4) Personalised Scribble Dog Bowl

Personalised Scribble Dog 14cm Medium Pet Bowl

It can’t be all treats all the time though. It’s important that your best friend has a proper balanced diet.

The Personalised Scribble Dog Bowl can be customised with your canine companion’s name, which is displayed along with a doodle of an adorable dog. Made from white ceramic, the bowl measures approx. 14cm across and can be customised with a name up to 12 characters in length.

5) Personalised Green Lead Hooks and Neckerchiefs

Personalised Pet Green Lead Hooks and Neckerchief

Now the feeding frenzy is over, it’s time for a little exercise. You know, the “w” word. W-a-l-k-i-e-s. We’ve got to be careful, it’s a powerful thing to utter around a dog, as we all know that it can send them a bit barmy.

The Green Polka Dot Lead Hooks and Neckerchief Set includes 1 x bone shaped lead hook and 2 x polka dot neckerchiefs. Customise all of these items with your pet’s name and soon they'll be looking stylish, plus you'll have somewhere convenient to hang all of their different leads and accessories.

6) SUCK UK DJ Deck Cat Scratcher

SUCK UK DJ Deck Cat Scratching Toy

Hang on a second, how did this cat get in here?

Never mind, we guess this just means that our feline friends won’t be left out, and luckily we have just the thing to fill this bonus slot that’s appeared on the setlist.

Featuring a spinning mixing deck-shaped scratching mat with poseable tone arm (purrfect for pawing at), the Cat DJ Scratching Deck might not ensure your cat becomes the next international DJing sensation, but it will give them somewhere to maintain their claws (and give any cat ravaged furniture a respite too).


Do you feel that these gifts would sufficiently pamper your pooch (or even your cat, lizard or rabbit?). Or are there some classic dog-based gifts we're missing? Let us know over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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