Presents for Passionate People

A who’s who of hobbyists: Presents for passionate people

What do you get someone who wants for nothing? Those tricky to buy for friends and family members who stump us every year?

Luckily, even these enigmas have hobbies. So we’ve put together a list of gifts for people that are passionate about all sorts of things. Have a look below: is your giftee’s hobby there?

1) The Backpacker

Scratch Map Backpacker Edition

2020’s not been the kindest year to our friends who have the travel bug. They’ve been stuck at home with the rest of us, just itching to get back out there.

So when they do eventually get the chance to start globetrotting again, they’ll be spoilt for choice. The Luckies Scratch Map - Backpacker Edition will help them to keep track of all the different places that will no doubt have piled-up on their jet setting itinerary. Just scratch the foil layer from the map to mark a city or country as visited!

The Luckies Scratch Map - Backpacker Edition includes loads of information too, such as the Seven Wonders of the World, major airports, and various borders, plus there’s an included copper marker, dry-wipe cloth and drawstring travel pouch.

2) The Master Chef

Apron Cooking Guide

It’s Christmas time, and as excited as we are for a roast turkey with all the trimmings, we can’t say we’re super-jazzed for all the food prep that comes beforehand. If only we had a master chef in our midst who’d take care of all of that for us?

The Suck UK Cooking Guides Apron isn’t just a full length apron with a nice vintage feel to it (gives us big Bake Off vibes), it’s handily printed with all kinds of culinary cheat sheets and conversion charts, so even the most seasoned of chefs can save face when they need that little bit of extra help. Made from natural unbleached cotton.

3) For Pampered Pals

What’s more decadent than brunch?

The Heated Huggable Avocado takes all that’s best about late morning (delicious brunch) and turns it into something that reflects all that’s best about late evening (curling up all warm and cosy on the sofa).

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to pamper themselves, they can simply pop their new plush friend in the microwave, and after a quick spin the natural grains and lavender inside will retain heat for hours on end. Just the thing for keeping nice and toasty as we move forward into the winter months.

4) For Eco-Friendly Friends

Eco Mug

If you know someone who’s passionate about the environment, then you'll need a gift that reflects that passion.

The Harry Potter “I'd Rather Be At Hogwarts” Eco Travel Mug is made from bioplastic, which itself is mainly made from natural rice husk fibre. This travel mug is still as sturdy as any other though, with double walled construction, a grippy based and a dual purpose carry handle and stopper. Plus, that’s before we’ve even got on the fact that this is official Harry Potter merchandise that features the iconic Hogwarts crest and a magical Hogwarts skyline design.

5) The Bartender

Sure eggnog and mulled wine might be the flavours of the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a cocktail or two this Christmas.

Especially if you’ve got a family member who fancies themselves a bit of a master mixologist. Give them the gift of the Black Titanium Cocktail Set with Leather Bag and they’ll be blown away at the sleekness of this 7 piece cocktail making kit - but really, you’ll be reaping the rewards when they make delicious concoctions for you to enjoy. Daiquiris anyone?

6) Gamer Gifts

Gamers used to be easy to buy for - you just get them a game right? But now it’s all pre-order bonuses this and free-to-play that. It’s a minefield. So may we suggest instead getting something to adorn your gamer’s setup, desk or home media centre?

Boasting 12 authentic sounds, adjustable brightness via a remote dimmer and standing at a sizeable 21cm tall, the Pac-Man Lamp is an officially licensed piece of Namco memorabilia that’s sure to be the apple (or cherry) of any gamer’s eye.

7) The Retro Junkie

Know anyone who’s a bit vintage? A bit yesteryear? Vintage and retro stylings are always in, so we guarantee you know someone who feels like they’ve been displaced in time. Well even possibly stranded time travellers need Christmas gifts too.

The Steepletone Brighton Retro 3-Band Radio isn’t just a MW, LW and FM radio, it’s also a love letter to the golden age of analogue broadcasting, making it the perfect gift for anyone who still lives and breathes everything analogue.


Did we manage to hit-up a hobby that's relevant to your friends and family? If you think we've missed off a vita subculture or interest, head over to FacebookTwitter or Instagram and let us know!

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