Record Breaking Chocolate & Desserts

Record Breaking Chocolate & Desserts: Making treats through record breaking feats

Today is World Chocolate Day, which means that even more than usual, all we can think about is our favourite sweet treats. So in an attempt to curb any unnecessary raiding of the pantry, we've used our candy seeking powers for good, and have found for your viewing pleasure these amazing feats of confectionery creation.

1) Reese’s Giant Take 5 Bar

On January 16th 2020, the largest Snickers bar ever made broke a world record. This 5,000 pound chocolate nut bar was the equivalent of 41,000 single-sized bars, took a week to complete and even had its own ground sheet sized wrapper. 

Then just 15 days later, on January 31st 2020, in an impressive display of one-upmanship, the Hershey Company unveiled their 5,943 pound Reese’s Take 5 bar! Now, the video above is more about the construction of the behemoth bar, and as such only offers a few teasing glimpses of the completed project in all its chocolate covered glory. To really eyeball the finished product, we recommend checking out the official Guinness World Record story.

2) The £500 bar of Swiss chocolate

Sure, sure, the promo for this chocolate is all very slick and professional. However, until you really get into it, it’s hard to put into perspective how decadent this chocolate is. At an eye-watering £6268.50/kg (or £501.75 for an 80 gram portion) this is the world's
most expensive chocolate bar! Brought to you by Zuich based ‘chocolate consultancy’ Attimo, this puts your everyday sweet treats to shame when it comes to sheer luxury.

The “LaChuorsa” bar includes such exclusive ingredients as saffron grown in the Swiss village of Mund, crystallised orange crisps and 68% Chuao chocolate from Venezuela - which according to Attimo themselves is of such quality that “the world’s best chocolatiers must place orders 19 years in advance.” Wow. That's quite the shipping estimate. 

3) Can you pick a favourite from 238 flavours of ice cream?

Now a little outdated, in the video above La Casa Gelato boasted only 218 different flavours of ice cream. However, as of November 14th 2019, this famous Vancouver BC institute has a record breaking 238 flavours for customers to choose from! In fact, with old flavours being constantly rotated out and new ones coming in, this gelato shop has featured over 500 flavours of ice cream since it first opened doors in 1982!

Some of the choice flavours available are chocolate bacon, durian fruit and Vegemite. Hmmm...maybe we'll stick to the classics for the time being.

4) Let’s make the world's longest tiramisu 

The massive
Reese’s Take 5 bar was really something to behold, but when it comes to impressive feats of dessert...well "engineering" feels like the right word, then feast your eyes on the world’s longest tiramisu.

We’re talking 48,000 biscuits, 200kg of sugar, 420 litres of coffee, 400kg of cream and 3,000 eggs. The colossal 266.90m (that’s 875ft and 7”) cake took 30 chefs to put together and was the brainchild of Italian shopping centre Tiare Shopping. After being measured and verified by a Guinness world record adjudicator, the giant pud was cut up and served to spectators.

Oh, hang on...this just in. The record has already been broken. The video above takes place in early 2018, but by March 2019 students from a Milan cooking school had smashed the record with their 273.50m (897ft 3”) creation. As we’re well past March 2020, it seems we’re actually overdue the next giant tiramisu. Count us as hungry and looking forward to it. 


Ok, so this redirection of efforts hasn't worked at all. Now we want chocolate, cake or sweets more than when we started. Let's see...what have we got?

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