Secret Santa Gift Guide

Shhhhhhush, it’s a secret: Our Christmas 2020 Secret Santa Gift Guide

What to get, what to get? It's Secret Santa time again, and you've been assigned a tricky one. Maybe it's that one person who seems to want for nothing, or it could be a work friend who's something of an enigma when they're not in the office.

In these situations, sometimes the best bet is to stick to tried and tested gifts (like socks), but on other occasions, it's time to throw caution to the wind and go a bit more off-piste. Either way, we've picked 10 Secret Santa Gifts that we think might help you get out of that gift-giving rut.

1) Bottle Buddy Wine Glass

Bottle Buddy

If ever there was a time of year to treat yourself to your favourite food and drink, it's Christmas. Roast dinners, chocolates and maybe just a little glass of wine.

Ok then, a big glass. Simply pop the Bottle Buddy into the neck of your favourite bottle of wine, and ta-da! A jumbo treat for even the most enthusiastic of wine lovers. Please drink responsibly.

2) BakeIn Rainbow Cake Kit

BakedIn Rainbow Cake Kit

Do you know someone who’d love to start baking, but isn’t sure where to begin? Maybe all that stands between them and baking greatness is just a little help to get into that creative mindset?

The BakeIn Rainbow Cake Kit has (almost) everything a prospective cake-maker needs to get started, including single use baking tins and all the dry ingredients. All they need to do is add milk, eggs, butter and follow the included instructions to make this delicious and colourful cake.

3) Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome

Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome

A great gift for any Game of Thrones fan with a green thumb, the Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome is the perfect guardian for your flower bed or vegetable patch.

Made from a durable poly-resin so as to withstands the elements (but not dragon fire unfortunately), this twisted take on the traditional garden gnome is sure to command the respect of all other lawn ornaments in its new kingdom.

4) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Box Sets

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster 100 Box Sets

Got a backlog of binge-worthy shows to get through? Missed out on some that are now considered modern classics? Maybe a nice, colourful graphic is all you need to organise the mountain of must-watch content that's taking up valuable space in your head.

The 100 Box Sets Scratch Off Bucket List Poster has, as the name suggests, 100 different squares to scratch off, each corresponding to a different TV show. Once you've seen a particular series, scratch away at that square to reveal a bright and bold tribute illustration that's hiding beneath.

5) United Oddsocks - Go Flamingo 

United Oddsocks - GO FLAMINGO

Sure, when you think of Christmas it’s all winter wonderlands and snow-covered scenery - but maybe some of us are more receptive to tropical, summertime vibes, regardless of the time of year.

That's why the Go Flamingo Oddsocks are such a great gift, as you can sneak some sunshine into otherwise wintery proceedings. Each set comes with 6 individual socks to mix and match, and are made to fit UK sizes 4-8 (EUR: 37-42).

6) United Oddsocks - Funk You

United Oddsocks - FUNK YOU

Not wanting the gents to miss out (although, if the Go Flamingo’s are your size, then you could rock those too), the Funk You Oddsocks are here to make sure that no matter what’s going on with the rest of your outfit, you’ll always be safe in the knowledge that you can add a splash of colour into your ensemble.

Each Funk You Oddsocks set comes with 6 individual socks to mix and match, and are made to fit UK sizes 6-11 (EUR: 39-46).

7) Santa Banter


Santa Banter Board Game


It’s that popular party game Obama Llama, but after it’s gotten into the loft and overturned a box of Christmas decorations! Now, tangled in tinsel and twinkling lights, Santa Banter is here to have you guessing it’s Xmas themed rhymes.

From "Three wise men visiting Big Ben" to "Santa Claus watching Star Wars," it’s your job to describe as many rhymes to your team as possible, in just 30 seconds!

8) Whiskey Rockers


Whiskey Rockers Glasses


Sit back and relax, it’s time for a nice Christmas tipple. For all you whiskey (or whisky) connoisseurs out there, you already know what your choice of drink is going to be, so all you really need to do is pick the perfect vessel.

Now, they say that round-bottomed glasses like this were originally created for use on ships, to counteract the rocking motion at sea, but we think this set of 2 x Whiskey Rockers are best enjoyed in front of the fire with your feet up.

9) Viking Beer Horn Glass & Stand

Viking Beer Horn Glass

Whiskey not your thing? How about a nice mead? Honeyed wines are always popular at Christmas time, so why not make a show of it and serve up your drink in this thematically appropriate Viking Beer Horn Glass & Stand.

It also comes with an attractive birch holder (some assembly required, in true Scandinavian style) so you can place your glass down safely between sips.

10) What Do You Meme? TikTok Edition


What Do You Meme? Card Game TIKTOK EDITION


TikTok and What Do You Meme? have joined forces!

The bestselling card game that has players pairing caption cards to memeable images now has a TikTok twist. Each Image Card is a still you might recognise from a famous TikTok, but don’t worry, you’re not limited to that single frame. Just scan the image card with your phone to be taken straight to the TikTok in question, for on the fly viewings!


Have we helped to alleviate any Secret Santa based stress? Do you feel more prepared for the gifting season ahead? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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