Self Care Gift Guide

Our chillest recommendations yet: Self Care Gift Guide

“Me Time” is important. Increasingly so with the current state of, well, everything. Plus, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so the list of people who deserve pampering is only going to increase.

With that in mind, our Self Care Gift Guide is here, and we’re not talking superfoods and break of dawn exercises. Instead, we’ve chosen some feel good gifts that we think will help add that extra edge to a long overdue do-nothing-day.

1) Zwitscherbox Classic Birdsong Box

Zwitscherbox Classic Birdsong Box

What’s more relaxing than bird song?

Most people would say it’s relaxing because it’s tuneful, and reminds them of sun-speckled woodland and rolling green fields, but we’ve got another theory. Clearly it’s relaxing because the birds themselves are so relaxed. All they do is sleep in trees, eat and fly about. It’s a super-chill lifestyle.

The Zwitscherbox Classic Birdsong Box’s motion sensor will detect movement up to 4ft away and serenade you with the soothing sound of bird song. Perfect for home offices, garden sheds, or anywhere at home you like to unwind and take it easy. Available in 7 colours.

2) Mojito Bath Gift Set

Mojito Bath Gift Set

Saying the phrase “bath time” out loud often calls to mind trying to get unruly kids washed and clean before it’s time for bed. It’s not a relaxing thought.

So when it’s your turn to use the bath, it’s good to have a little help to achieve maximum relaxation. The tropical vibes of the Mojito Bath Gift Set is just that help, with it’s fizzy bath bomb, scented shower gel and after-bath body lotion, all that’s really missing is the mojito itself.

3) Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs

Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs

Tropical vibes not really your thing? We got you covered.

Looking like an oil slick going through a goth phase, the Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs will transform your bath into a witch’s brew, perfect for any creature of the night who recognises the importance of good hygiene and self care. Set includes 10 bath bombs.

4) Warmies Heatable Soft Toy - Pink Elephant

Warmies Heatable Soft Toy - Pink Elephant

Thanks to cartoons, pink elephants are often associated with hallucinations or maybe one too many drinks, but in this case we can assure you that you’re completely lucid.

The Warmies Heatable Pink Elephant Soft Toy is an alternative to traditional hot water bottles, and doesn’t have a removable wheat bag to mess about with either. Instead, just pop your new pastel pal straight into the microwave and warm them through. Before you know it, the soothing heat and the gentle scent of French lavender will have you all snug and cosy, for that perfect evening of relaxation. 

5) Light Up LED Narwhal Slippers

Light Up LED Narwhal Slippers

You’ve had your bath, you’ve got your Warmies Pink Elephant turning in the microwave, but something is missing.

Slippers of course! Can you really be said to be having a do-nothing-day unless you’ve got your slippers on? The Narwhal Light Up LED Slippers (for UK adult sizes 4 - 8) are a fun and whimsical twist on classic house slippers, and feature twinkling LED lights that are sure to make any dressing gown/pajama/slipper ensemble just that little bit extra.

6) Mini Massage Cushion

Mini Massage Cushion

All the relaxing baths in the world, and we’d still complain about our aching backs.

Treat yourself to a soothing massage whenever you need with the Mini Massage Cushion. Four pressure points inside the cushion rotate to give a deep tissue massage, plus there’s an optional “heat mode” that gently warms these pads as they turn. It's the best.

7) Tricerapot Dinosaur Planter

Tricerapot Dinosaur Planter

“What do dinosaurs have to do with self-care?”

We hear you, but all of our house plant enthusiasts out there are (we hope) currently agreeing with us. Small plants, succulents and cacti are super relaxing to have around. You get to see your handiwork as they grow, they can add a splash of colour to otherwise humdrum surroundings, and you can definitely reach a zen like state when you get into a regular watering and trimming routine. Plus, this Tricerapot Dinosaur Planter is based off of the Triceratops, which is clearly the chillest herbivore of all time.


Feeling more relaxed already? Or are bath bombs and slippers not your idea of a peaceful evening in? Whether we’ve hit the nail on the head, or if your personal idea of self care is completely left field of this, head over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know!

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