Stocking Filler Gift Guide

Don’t get coal this Christmas: Our 2020 Stocking Filler Gift Guide

It’s basically December now right? You’d be forgiven for cracking out the Xmas decorations just a little bit early. Go on, get those lights up, hang the tinsel and get your stockings on the mantle.

And what’s a Christmas stocking without Stocking Fillers? Those little gifts from you to them that really make Christmas feel that bit more "Christmasy." So with that in mind, we've picked 10 gifts that we think anyone would be delighted to find waiting for them on Christmas morning.

1) 12" Vinyl Record Album Display Frame


Record Frame Gift


Ah, we’ve dropped the ball straight away here, there’s no way this 12" Record Frame will fit into a stocking.

However, when it comes to finding a nice gift for a music lover - maybe someone who you know that already has a few records waiting for them under the tree - then these minimal black frames are perfect. You could even slip an old gig ticket in there with the album, for that personal touch.

2) Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs

Christmas can be stressful: there’s a lot of prep that can go into making sure everything is jolly and bright. So you’ve got to make sure that you make time to chill out this festive season.

Run a bath, make a nice hot drink (or pour a glass of wine maybe?) and throw a handful of Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs into the water, before immersing yourself in the ensuing raspberry scented, technicolour fizziness. Now that’s relaxation. 

3) Friends Trivia Quiz


Friends Trivia Card Game


It’s time for “The one with all the Friends fans.”

The Friends Trivia Quiz is a card game that’s been made with the ultimate Friends fans in mind. Each card features 2 different questions, a “Fan” question and a “Super Fan” question. Have your days bingeing Friends reruns served you well enough to answer all the “Super Fan” questions? There’s only one way to find out: first player to 10 points wins!

4) Strobing Beer Glass

Strobing Beer Glass

Let everyone know “this is my drink!” in the flashiest way possible with the Strobing Beer Glass.

The perfect tumbler for the festive period, this party pint glass is like having a string of Christmas lights in the bottom of your beer. That might sound dangerous, but don’t worry, the light-up base can be unscrewed from the main cup for easy cleaning.

5) Plant Animal Bush Baby


Plant Animal Bush Baby


House plants can add a bit of life to any room, but they can all get a bit boring and samey after a while.

Before all you green-thumbed people get angry at us: firstly, you know we’re right and secondly, we’ve got just the solution. Plant Animals aren’t just cute little critters to adorn your favourite plants, each is a miniature work of art, made from etched brass. Our specific example here is this adorable Bush Baby, but there’s plenty of designs for all kinds of nature lovers!

6) Mini-Pak Mini Backpack


Mini-Pak Back Pack


Good things come in small packages, and the Mini-Pak proves it!

Equipped with a zip pocket, mesh pocket, carabiner and arm band, this tiny backpack is great for kids to keep small toys, pocket money or even their first phone in. For slightly bigger “kids” Mini-Pak are perfect for those festival or backpacking essentials that you want to keep close to you at all times. 

7) Festive Christmas Necklace


Festive Necklace Christmas Gift


Decorating the house is one thing, but to really get into the Xmas spirit, you can’t beat adorning yourself with a string of colourful Christmas lights.

The Festive Christmas Necklace is the must-have accessory this holiday season and is pretty much guaranteed to compliment your Christmas jumper effortlessly. Includes 2 x CR1220 batteries.

8) Whiskey Bath Bombs

Whiskey Bath Bombs

Way back up at #2 we were lauding the idea of making sure you get time to relax this festive season, but what if unicorns and pastel colours aren’t your thing? Don’t worry, these Whiskey Bath Bombs have got you covered.

Pour a tot of your favourite whiskey, have a nice hot bath and relax as the decadent scent of whiskey fills the air, while these little bombs of golden goodness fizzy away.

9) Power Pets - Cat Retractable Charger


Cat Charger Gadget


The ideal gift for both an animal or tech lover in your life, this adorable Power Pets - Cat Retractable Charger will make sure they can always plug in and power up their devices.

Cute and compact with a colourful cat face and 3D ears, the Power Pets Retractable Charger prevents cables from tangling, and tucks them safely away when not in use.

10) Scruffs & Co Treat Launcher


Treat Launcher for Pets


Know a portly pooch who could do with a little extra exercise? A great way to get dogs jumping and searching for their treats, this Scruffs & Co Treat Launcher’s canister can be loaded with tasty morsels.

There’s no greater motivator than the promise of a snack, meaning even the sleepiest of pets will be up and running about in no time once the treat launcher comes out. Easy to load and launch - just push the trigger to fire a treat!


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