Superman villains we hope to see in the DCEU

We can’t all be Lex Luthor: 4 Superman villains we hope to see in the DCEU

The new Suicide Squad film gets its UK release in just two weeks!

Seeing the cavalcade of villains in that trailer had us thinking: what other DC bad guys deserve a go at silver screen stardom? So if any of these rogues end up in a cinema near you soon, then remember to let everyone know that you saw it coming first!

1) The Prankster

The Prankster
Image source: DC Comics

If the Joker is like getting treated to a fantastic meal at your favourite restaurant, then the Prankster is the “food we’ve got at home.”

First appearing in 1942, Oswald Loomis seems to be an attempt to create a Joker counterpart for Superman to battle, but stepping up to the Clown Prince of Crime is no small feat, and the Prankster never seems to quite manage.

For example, in one of his most famous appearances, The Mysterious Misdemeanours of the Prankster, the Prankster and Toyman cook up a plot to drive Superman crazy by breaking nonsense obsolete laws, such as putting pennies your ears in Honolulu (ahhh, now the picture above makes sense). It’s fun stuff, but also the perfect example of how the Prankster is another in a long line of characters that don't quite reach the Joker’s heady, villainous heights.

2) Lobo

Image source: DC Comics

The Main Man deserves a shot at the big screen!

There was actually a slated Lobo movie that might still happen (maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed), but currently it’s not a thing that exists. Plus, we don’t think that this monochrome menace's appearance in TV’s Krypton disqualifies him from a place on this list either.

Lobo has a long and storied history, but let's give you the really, really quick version: he’s a foul mouthed intergalactic biker/bounty hunter from the planet Czarnia (and the last of his kind) who has super strength, super durability, regenerative abilities and a rad flying motorcycle. It's all good stuff, but what makes Lobo so popular is that he unabashedly represents that 90’s “xtreme” aesthetic, which if we’re being honest, we all secretly love, right?

3) Microwave Man

Microwave Man
Image source: DC Comics

Microwave Man’s a sure fire candidate for the next DCEU film, right? Imagine the merchandising tie in with ready meal companies.

Yeah, we’re taking the mickey, but only just. Lewis Padgett AKA Microwave Man draws his powers from, you guessed, microwaves. Appearing in a whopping total of two issues of Action Comics, Padgett has his youth returned to him by aliens, but the catch is that his life span will be reduced to just a few hours. The end goal? Go out in a blaze of glory in a showdown with Superman!

Ok, wow, this guy is actually a one man Suicide Squad. We take back any previous sneering at this microwave maestro. Turns out that Microwave Man is pretty damn hardcore.

4) Mister Mxyzptlk


Mister Mxyzptlk
source: DC Comics

Like Lobo, this one’s actually pretty likely, as the god-like being from the Fifth Dimension is an iconic piece of the Superman mythos, and has made some small screen appearances already (but we’re all about silver screen accolades today, so those don’t count). 

Mr. Mxyzptlk is an imp from the Fifth Dimension, and therefore (according to his many comic book appearances) isn’t bound by the natural laws of our dimension. As such Mxyzptlk can warp reality in any way he choses, either through magic or highly advanced Fifth Dimension technology, depending on that day’s writer. So what’s a tiny, troublesome trickster to do with all of this seemingly endless power? Why, play pranks on Superman of course! Classic Mxyzptlk pranks include switching the Mayor of Metropolis’s voice with that of a donkey, bringing the entire Daily Planet building to life and tricking pal of Superman Jimmy Olsen into thinking that he’s met a real life Leprechaun.

Luckily for the Man of Steel and his allies, Mr. Mxyzptlk does have one weakness. If you can trick the trickster into saying his own name backwards, he’ll be banished back to the Fifth Dimension for at least 90 days. You’d think this would be an easy thing for a being as powerful as Mxyzptlk to avoid, but you’d be wrong. Our titular interdimensional jester falls for it time and time again. Fear not though Mxyzptlk fans, as he always seems to come back, ready with more pranks to make Superman's day just that bit more interesting.


As certain as it is that the Joker will break out of Arkham (again), or that Lex Luthor will always have a supply of kryptonite to hand, you know we've just got to ask: which DC villains would you have included on this list? Send a signal into the sky, use Martian telepathy, or maybe just head on over to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to let us know.

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