Our Top 10 Board Games

Who’s bored? Our Top 10 Card & Board Games

Look, there's an Elephant in the room, and it looks like we’ll have to lodge with said Elephant, because we’re all stuck inside at the moment.

Now, it's not much, but we're confident that these hand picked games will go down a treat - perfect for gathering the household round and sitting down for a proper good board game night.

1) Don’t Get Got

Don't Get Got

This isn’t a typical sit-around-the-table affair. Don’t Get Got is a game of secret missions and unknown challenges that happens in the background as you go about your day. Each player is given 6 cards, and their goal is to fulfil the conditions on each card without the other players knowing.

Some cards might have you do something in secret (“Hide this card on another player without being caught”), while other cards might have you try to get someone else to do something for you (“Get a player to read out a sentence from a book”).

This is where things get tricky, as everyone will be on their guard and expecting all sorts of fishy business. First to 6 completed cards wins! Games can last for ages and ages, so you never know when someone is actually doing their best to complete a challenge or just going about their day. Can you not Get Got?

2) The Chameleon

The Chameleon

You know the secret word, right? You know, the secret word that everyone knows? The one that we can all prove we know by saying a related word? If not, then you might be The Chameleon.

A game of deception and deduction, each round of The Chameleon has a secret word. Players then go around saying related terms to prove they’re in the know. However, one player at random is the chosen “Chameleon.” They’ll have to bluff their way to safety by taking cues from other players and pretending they have even an iota of a clue of what’s going on.

If other players are too obvious, they’ll let the Chameleon win. However, if they’re too vague, they might arouse undue suspicion. It’s a delicate balancing act that makes every round a unique and tense event. Will you be able to blend in successfully? 

3) Klask


Klask: The Magnetic Game of Skill is an action-packed point scoring game like nothing else. Using magnets that are under the playing field, move your piece to strike the ball into your opponent's goal.

That's it? Not even close. There are 3 other fiendish ways to score those much sought after points besides scoring a goal: If an opponent should accidentally pick up 2 or more of the white magnets that sit on the field, you score. If they should topple their own striker, you score. Lastly, if they should pull their striker into their own goal, that's a KLASK, and you score!

A great alternative to traditional board games, Klask is like air hockey, but if it were designed by Scandinavian gaming masterminds (which it was).

4) Deep Sea Adventure

Deep Sea Adventure

Dive as deep as you dare and search for treasure in Deep Sea Adventure! The cute and quaint pieces of this pocket sized board game might look at odds with its epic themes of daring adventure and untold riches - but that’s all part of the charm.

Deep Sea Adventure sees up to 6 players venturing outside of their trusty submarine, in the hopes of returning with as much treasure as possible - but of course, there’s a catch. Players can only return to the sub once per round, so you’ve got to be clever, and juggle treasure hunting with conserving oxygen. No pressure...

5) Cat-Astrophe 


Look, we didn’t come up with the pun, it’s right there on the box.

Cat-Astrophe is a game of skill and dexterity. Stack these cute kitties as high as you can without your column of cats falling over, and be careful, because there’s no nine-lives here. Once your tower topples, record your best score and hand the game pieces onto the next player. Now it’s their turn to see how big a tower they can build before Cat-Astrophe strikes.

6) Disney Colour Brain

Disney Colour Brain

The original Colour Brain introduced players to its unique take on the traditional quiz game: each question could be answered by playing a different combination of colour cards from your hand.

Now this fantastic formula for fun has had a whole heap of Disney magic added into the mix. Think you remember the colours of Hades’s sidekicks, Pain and Panic? What about the colour of Woody’s vest? Then Disney Colour Brain is your chance to prove it! There’s even villainous Colour Capture Cards that let you steal colours from other players (you’re not obliged to do a Disney Villain style musical number when you do, but it is encouraged).

7) Sumo Slam

Sumo Slam

Settle down, settle down, we won’t have any roughhousing. If you’re going to behave like that, then might we suggest a game of Sumo Slam?

Throw your weight about (figuratively) as you slam your sumo wrestlers into the ring (or dohyō if we’re being authentic) and see how they land. Different landing positions translate into different amounts of points. Sumo slam can be played with just 2 people as a head to head duel, or with multiple players as your very own sumo wrestling round robin tournament!

8) Forbidden Desert 

Forbidden Desert

Journey to a faraway land and go on a daring quest where the elements themselves are against you...all without getting up from your chair.

An intrepid adventure into the unknown, Forbidden Desert is a cooperative game for 2 to 5 players that sees you navigating through shifting sands, scorching heat and water shortages, all in the hopes of collecting the necessary pieces to build a legendary flying machine and make your escape! This is one game where you’ll need a real thirst for survival.

9) Push It

Push It

The aim of Push It might be simple (players must try to get their pucks as close to the central jack as possible) but this game gets surprisingly tactical and nail-bitingly tense.

With no board needed, simply set up the Push It pieces on any surface (hard, flat tables are best) and start playing. Perfect for anyone with a competitive streak.

10) Blockbuster: The Game 

Blockbuster: The Game

Blockbuster: The Game might just be the perfect game for film buffs everywhere, but don’t feel left out if you only settle in with a movie once in a blue moon. Blockbuster: The Game is for you too. In fact, it can be best described as “The movie game for anyone who has ever seen a movie.”

Officially licensed by the legendary video rental store itself, this game boasts two game modes: in Movie Buzzer Battle, choose a topic and name as many films as you can in 15 seconds before the buzzer sounds. Then, in Triple Charades Jeopardy, race to describe, quote, and act out 3 classic films for your team.

Simple to learn, with thrilling, fast-paced game play, Blockbuster: The Game is presented in its own VHS style case, and comes with a playmat that looks just like a Blockbuster parking lot (complete with oversized shop sign).


We could go on, but it’s called a ‘Top 10’ so that’s your lot for now. If any of these silly games can make being stuck at home just a bit more bearable, then we're counting that as a win.

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