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Our Top 5 TV Dads: Lawyers, monster hunters, burger rustlers and Greg.

Shout-out to all the Dads out there: Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate, we gathered together our Top 5 TV Dads. Come on in, have a look, and see if any of your favourite fictional Fathers made our list...

1) Sandy Cohen, The O.C 

One of the quintessential teen dramas of the early 2000’s, the The O.C. ran for four seasons. So while this show may have hit some of typical notes you’d expect when dealing with teens and their feelings, leading dad Sandy Cohen was anything but.

Check out those brows. Image source: Giphy

Our man of the hour takes in tearaway and The O.C. protagonist Ryan Atwood in the first episode, and then goes from strength to strength to become a fan favourite and the show’s moral centre. So whether you want to throw the best Chrismukkah ever, or need someone fatherly to help you out of a tight spot, Sandy Cohen is your man.

In times of trouble, out comes the flip phone. Image source: Giphy

2) Bob Belcher, Bob’s Burgers

When we did our list of Fierce Fictional Mother Figures, number #2 was Bob’s Burgers Linda Belcher - and although we’re not looking for too many repeats here, we simply couldn't leave out the titular Bob Belcher.

Bob's Burgers
genius at work. Image source: Giphy

Although often depicted as bumbling and awkward, Bob’s interactions with the Belcher kids speak for themselves. Whether he’s bonding with Gene on a trapeze, teaching Tina to drive or watching old samurai movies with Louise, Bob’s Dadness earns him a place on this list...lets maybe not think too hard about child labour laws though, and how much restaurant work the kids do. Come on people, it’s a cartoon, lets just enjoy the wholesome stuff.

Bob & Gene
Bob & Gene, post trapeze. Image source: Giphy

3) Uncle Phil, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

What can we say here that hasn’t already been said? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Philip Banks is such an important TV dad that entire essays have been written about this character.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel
Plus, there's the groundbreaking dance moves
. Image source: Giphy

The head of the Banks family was often shown to be stuffy and stubborn, but this facade came down when the show really needed a heavy hitting, signature James Avery performance. Often as dramatic as they were poignant, these scenes are as much a part of Fresh Prince’s makeup as Will and Carlton’s antics. That didn't mean that Uncle Phil didn’t get to stretch those comedy muscles though - numerous times he acted as a hilarious foil to the younger characters on screen. Poor Jazzy Jeff.

The Fresh Prince
Start the day with a good breakfast, so you're ready to hurl DJs out of your home. Image source: Giphy

4) Bobby Singer, Supernatural

Although not technically a dad, you’d be hard pressed to find a Supernatural fan who wouldn’t argue till they were red in the face to defend the fact that Bobby Singer is in fact the best dad ever.

A man of many words. Image source: Giphy

A surrogate father figure to this spooky show’s two protagonists Sam and Dean Winchester, this surly hunter of monsters, ghost and demons didn’t get that much time in the limelight when the show first started, but as the story progresses, Bobby becomes a series regular and a firm fan favourite (hell, that's probably an understatement).

So if you need to translate a dead language, locate a long lost artefact or slay some obscure beastie that’s causing trouble, give Bobby a call. Like that time your dad had to pick you up at 4am because you were drunk and had no taxi fare, Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer will be there.

He's got your back, whether you like it or not. Image source: Giphy

5) Greg Universe, Steven Universe

We’re heading back to cartoon land and Cartoon Network hit show Steven Universe for our last dad: Mr. Greg Universe.

Chill out Greg, we've only nice things to say. Image source: Giphy

Some would say Greg’s not the best dad - he’s often depicted as absent minded and Steven doesn’t even live with him - but we say boo to the naysayers.

There’s a lot going on in the world of Steven Universe (far too much to unpack here), but regardless Greg’s always supportive of Steven and his training with the earth’s magical alien/sci-fi adjacent guardians the Crystal Gems. It’s just like when you parents are supportive of any weird phases you go through - except this weird phase is a magical destiny that will ultimately save the earth. You know, normal relatable growing-up stuff. On top of that he always gives the best advice and is ready to break out into song at a moment's notice. We see you Greg, keep on rockin’ in a way that only dad’s know how.

#chillvibesonly. Image source: Giphy


Thanks for checking out who we think are the Top 5 TV Dads. It was tough to whittle it down to just these, what with there being so many binge-worthy TV shows past and present to draw from. In fact, we’re sure there are some must-have characters that we’ve missed off the list - so why not head on over to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages and let us know who you’d choose.

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