Unusual Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

What present do you buy for that special man in your life that he’ll actually keep, and use? 

The answer to finding the most unusual gift for him is a unique, fun gift that he definitely wouldn’t have bought himself. There are so many unique options in our range of gifts for him that’ll put a smile on his face. Here are some gifts for the man who has everything that he doesn’t have just yet.

Wacano Espresso Machine - Gifts for Him

Coffee and gadget lovers unite with the Wacano Nanopresso Portable Coffee machine. This handy machine provides coffee on the go using ground coffee and an innovative pumping system. The hand-powered system uses no electricity, compressed air or N20 cartridges to work, a great gift for any guy on the go. 

Playstation controller alarm clock - Gifts for him

Start his day off with a bit of nostalgia, this alarm clock replicates the iconic design of a Playstation 4 Controller, originally released in 1997. He may already have an alarm clock but not one shaped like a PS4 controller in a cradle. Chances are a similar controller is what kept him awake the night before!

Personalised Wallet - Gifts for Him

There’s nothing like a statement wallet to hold all that hard earned cash, whether you personalise it with his initials, or your own, he’ll definitely keep this gift close to his heart… or in his pocket.

Light up neon bar sign - gifts for him

It’s always 5’ o clock somewhere! Light up his man cave or home bar with this Neon Bar Sign. Bringing retro party vibes to any room, the sign is portable and super bright.

Scizza Pizza Cutter - Gifts for Him

Scizza is a pizza cutter that will perfectly slice any pizza on any surface. He can chuck that wobbly, blunt pizza wheel in the bin, Scizza makes easy work of a deep dish and won’t scratch his plates or pans. An essential utensil he’ll be grateful for.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a cool gift for him. Some of the most unusual gifts for him can be found in our collection for less than £50. No matter what his likes and interests are, you can get a great gift for that special man in your life without breaking the bank this year.