Who's Hungry? 10 Gifts for Foodies

What's for dinner? 10 Foodie Gifts that make us hungry

Restaurants and cafes are opening up again, but we’re still not quite back to normality. So now, more than ever, having a slick at home dining experience can really make the day. With that in mind (plus, we’re also pretty much always thinking about food), here are 10 choice gifts we think the foodie in your life would love.

1) Eva Solo Cool Wine Decanter

Eva Solo Cool Wine Decanter

Sleek (as sleek as anything round can be), modern and versatile, the Eva Solo Cool Wine Decanter not only looks the part, but will quickly become your new favourite way to serve wine.

Thanks to the integrated funnel, wine of any kind is aerated as you decant it, while the spout offers drip free pouring. The real party piece however is the base stand with hidden cooling elements. Once frozen through, these elements will ensure white and rosé wine stays chilled for up to 4 hours, while the base itself keeps any pesky condensation from dripping down onto your table.

2) Obsessive Chef Chopping Board

Obsessive Chef Chopping Board

For the chef that favours precision, the Obsessive Chef Chopping Board will have you slicing and dicing your ingredients with astounding accuracy.

Made from bamboo, this chopping board is all about substance over style. The smart, minimalist grid design lets you line up your ingredients and get everything prepared in a nice uniform fashion. Dinner will look so good, you'll struggle to let people actually eat it.

3) Himalayan Salt Shot Set

Himalayan Salt Shot Glass Set

It’s definitely too early on in this list to be talking about after dinner drinks, but we simply couldn’t wait any longer to show off these Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses.

Made from 100% salt, these pleasing pink glasses will add their own unique, subtle flavour to your favourite spirit (tequila is a fine choice). Oh, and did we mention the included acacia wood serving board? In terms of presentation alone, we can’t think of a better header or footer to any meal.

4) SUCK UK Stag Head Utensil Holder

SUCK UK Stag Head Utensil Holder

For the chef who has a different spoon or spatula for everything, the SUCK UK Stag Head Utensil Holder is a must have when it comes to aesthetically pleasing kitchen storage.

Simply pop your utensils in the dual compartments to create the stag’s antlers. Traditional, modern or outlandish: this stag’s counting on you to complete his look! It’s not just kitchen implements either - although we are focusing on food here - the Stag Head Utensil Holder can also be used to store stationery, paintbrushes, fresh herbs or flowers and houseplants. Create and customise your very own ceramic forest guardian.

5) Constructive Eating Dino Cutlery Set and Plate Bundle

Constructive Eating Dino Cutlery and Plate Set

We’ve had wine decanters, shot glasses and utensil holders up to this point, but now we’re looking at something for the kids. The Constructive Eating Dino Cutlery Set and Plate set is a dino-mite way to get fussy eaters to finish their dinner.

With it’s different segments and little ramp, the plate makes for a prehistoric plane that the dino cutlery can wander about. BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

6) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Cheeses

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Cheeses

Cheese! There’s sooooo many different kinds, and they’re all just great for sooooo many different things. Melt it on stuff, have it with crackers, make it into desserts. Is there anything that cheese can’t do?!

So it will come as no surprise that there’s a Scratch Off Bucket List Poster that features 100 different cheeses. Simply scratch off a different square each time you’ve sampled a choice cheese, and soon you’ll have created a patchwork display of colour that’s unique to you.

7) SUCK UK My Baking Journal

Suck UK My Baking Journal

There's not a small crossover when it comes to enthusiastic foodies and bakers, which means that the SUCK UK My Baking Journal is ideal for any chef that likes to explore the delicious and diverse world of cakes and pastries.

Acting as a recipe book, scrapbook and a kind of personal baking logbook, the SUCK UK My Baking Journal will become your own baking bible in no time at all! Plus, there’s useful baking guides and tips already included, to help you on your way to creating the perfect puds.

8) Kitchen Conversions Chopping Board 

Kitchen Conversions  Chopping Board

Maths? No one said there’d be maths involved.

We’re going to go out on a limb here and say that anyone who loves cooking and baking also loves experimenting with lots of different recipes, from lots of different sources. The Kitchen Conversions Chopping Board is ideal for these intrepid recipe ramblers, with its handy reference tables. Change out measures and temperatures on the fly between imperial and metric, with just the quickest of glances (plus, no more looking it up on your phone means no more sticky fingerprints on the touchscreen).

9) Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Barbecue

Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Barbecue

Given the overcast weather, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that it is currently summer. Fear not though, the Gentlemen's Hardware Portable Barbecue will help kick-start your summer vibes.

Made from stainless steel, this lightweight, portable BBQ folds down into a handy suitcase, so you’ll be ready to start a cookout wherever you are. This compact cooker is most at home at the beach, halfway up a mountain on days out hiking, at festivals or on camping trips. Because if there’s one thing we can all agree on during summertime, it’s the need for a good and proper barbecue.

10) Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Coffees

Scratch Off Bucket List Poster - 100 Coffees

The perfect end to any dining experience, there’s always time for a coffee.

Don’t be mistaken: the 100 Coffees Scratch Off Bucket List Poster isn’t about brands of coffee, but 100 different types of coffee based drinks. From classics you’ll be more than a little familiar with (like the pure and unencumbered espresso) to coffees that are more unique in nature (what’s “Elephant Dung Coffee?”), there’s something here for everyone.

So whether you’re a coffee connoisseur who reckons they'll get through all 100 beverages by themselves, or if you fancy completing the poster with a partner or as a household, you’ll soon be uncovering square after square to reveal the bright and bold illustrations beneath.


Hungry? If you weren't before, you probably are now. However, if nothing here really suited your own culinary style, then check out our full range of Bar & Glassware and Kitchen & Dining gifts.

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