World Bartender Day

Perfectly normal cocktails: There’s nothing weird going on here this World Bartender Day

Bartenders, heroes one and all. They’re there, ready to faff about with all sorts of outlandish ingredients, just because we fancy trying “something a bit different tonight.” Plus, with the uncertainty currently surrounding the hospitality industry, and the inevitable explosion of activity that’ll come when bars get packed out again, if ever there was a time to salute these master mixologists, it’s this World Bartender Day.

Below are five examples of what happens when we don’t have experts around to grace our palates with the best blends of booze, and instead go a bit off piste...

1) Brew coffee, chill cola, enjoy

Coffee & cola

Cola and coffee, both effective pick-me-ups, and both at completely opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of drink style. You can’t get much further from a hot cup of joe, with its bitter edge, than a sweet and sugary ice cold soda.

That doesn’t mean these two Counts of caffeine won’t work together given the chance. There’s loads of recipes out there for boozy coke floats and coffee/cola cocktails. We’re currently eyeing up the recipe for a Dark Moon as our combined concoction of choice.

2) Shaken, not stirred, plus plenty of pickle brine 

Dill Pickles

Pickles are great. On burgers, they’re the best. Deep fried as a bar snack, can’t be beat. As part of a martini? Okay, now you’ve lost us.

The Iceland Dill Martini is 2 parts vodka, 0.5 to 1 parts pickle brine, and 10 mustard seeds from the pickle jar for good measure. Give the glass a rise with dry vermouth and add your garnish, which of course is a dill pickle, along with a sprig of actual dill (you know, for that classy touch). We understand that the acidity of the brine is supposed to compliment the vodka perfectly. Maybe.

3) Craft this cheesy mix

Mac & cheese, the ultimate comfort food, plus a cheeky dinnertime tipple. What could go wrong?

Vodka, milk and cheese powder all come together to create this alarming yellow shot. There’s so much to take in here, from dusting the rim of the glass with the cheese powder, to the generous helping of canned cheese added on top. Really though, the best way to take it all in is to check out the above video from Tipsy Bartender.

4) Hot sauce and a raw egg, that classic combination

Egg yolk

If you try all of the previous three drinks at once (please, don’t), we would hazard a guess that you'd feel a bit rough the day after. So here’s the perfect hair of the dog to sort you out: The Prairie Oyster. Some versions contain no booze, and some swap the brandy for bourbon, but the idea’s the same. 

Get yourself 25ml brandy, ¼ tsp Worcestershire sauce, ½ tsp red wine vinegar, a bracing dash of Tabasco sauce and 1 x raw egg yolk. Add your liquid ingredients to a glass and mix. Then separate the egg yolk from the white and plop it into the glass. Enjoy?

5) Weird things are afoot in Dawson City

Dawson City, Canada

We’re ending on something that we realistically don’t expect you to drink (you know, like that cheese shot we’re all definitely rushing off to make). The Sourtoe Cocktail can be found in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada and there’s actually no strict guide as to what the alcohol constituent of this drink is. There is however, one golden rule: “You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow - but the lips have gotta touch the toe.”

The toe? Yep, the dehydrated and preserved real human toe that will be lovingly dropped into your drink like a wrinkly, desiccated ice cube. This drinking challenge is word famous, and people travel from all across the globe to take it on. In fact, this challenge is now so well known, that there’s even multiple toes to choose from. Yum.

We’re not including a picture, but you can see a video featuring one of the titular toes here.


Do you think you’ll be trying any of these outlandish drinks, or is it maybe better to stick to the classics? Head over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let us know! And of course, please drink responsibly.

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