Do you ever really grow out of lego? We have a range of lego themed gifts perfect for all ages, including lunchboxes, drawers and storage. If you know a master builder we know a gift they will love inspired by the famous bricks themselves.

LEGO Large Storage 8 Brick
From £19.99
LEGO 8 Brick Desk Drawer
From £17.99
LEGO 4 Brick Mini Storage Tub
LEGO Lunch Box
LEGO Classic Lunch Box
LEGO Large Brick Storage Box with Drawers
LEGO 4 Brick Desk Drawer
From £13.99
LEGO Mini Storage 8 Brick
LEGO Medium Brick Storage Box with Drawers
LEGO Play & Display Case Blue


It doesn't matter whether you're 8, 18 or 81, Lego never stops being fun! At Urban Gifts we have a great range of official lego gifts avaliable online that are guaranteed to inspire fun and inject a bit of childhood magic into your life.
Not just for building, you can now get Lego bricks for everything including lunch boxes, storage bricks and even bedroom furniature! If you know someone who's into Lego, then you've come to the right place.