Up for a challenge? The recipient of this gift you’re about to purchase should be! Put yourself and friends to the test with our impossible puzzles and brainteasers. Boredom can start to set in on those week quiet nights at home… pass time, improve problem-solving skills and solve the 3D puzzles and fidget games make up our incredible selection of puzzle gifts.

Harry Potter Marauder's Map Puzzle
Harry Potter Marauder's Map Puzzle
Skull 3D Crystal Puzzle
Disney Tangled Thomas Kinkade Jigsaw Puzzle
Harry Potter Gringotts Bank Escape Puzzle
Kepler's Planetary Puzzle
Harry Potter Dementors at Hogwarts Puzzle
Gradient Puzzle
From £17.99
Dymaxion Globe
From £13.99
Doctor Who Metal Earth Gold Dalek
Harry Potter 3D Puzzle - Hogwarts Astronomy Tower
Harry Potter 3D Puzzle - Golden Snitch


A passionate puzzle fan will never be satisfied by simple puzzles and mazes, our range of 3D puzzles and themed mazes will keep you and friends entertained for hours. Our Gradient Puzzle will make for hours of satisfying puzzling. Our collection of puzzle gifts will be sure to get the brain of the puzzle lover in your life ticking.